12V AGM Battery

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12V AGM Batteries
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12V AGM Batteries

• What is a 12v AGM battery?

An AGM battery is actually a kind of sealed lead-acid battery that uses Absorbent Glass Mat(AGM) technology, and now is a replacement for traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries always have a constant voltage of 12V and are wildly found in automotive applications. The AGM ones enjoy greater discharge and recharge performance than normal batteries.

• What voltage is a fully charged 12V AGM battery?

Generally, a fully charged 12V AGM battery always has a voltage of around 12.8 volts without a load. The voltage without a load is also called Open Circuit Voltage (OCV). However, AGM batteries from different manufacturers vary in voltage when fully charged, and the average maximum charging voltage is 14.4V. Choose Spaceflight Power 12v AGM batteries and treat your automotive applications to better power experiences.

• Are AGM batteries good for cars?

In fact, yes. Start/stop technology is becoming more commonly used to improve fuel economy, and many auto manufacturers are now turning to AGM batteries to handle their increased starting requirements. Besides, AGM batteries perform well in auto applications requiring high power, like windshields, heated seats as well as steering wheels.

• What are the differences between GEL battery and AGM battery?

AGM batteries, also called Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, use a mat made up of thin fibers that absorbs the electrolytes between the battery plates. While the Gel ones use silica-type gel. Besides the chemical composition, these two batteries are totally different in discharge rate, an AGM battery can be discharged to 50%, while GEL batteries come up to 90%. The higher the discharge rate, the longer the working lifespan.