Pre-sale Service

Fast Online ResponseService

Having a professional sales service team, we will provide you quick response service within 24 hours.

Special Customized Solution Service

According to every customer’s power requirement, our experienced technicians and sales team will offer personalized solutions for client’s different using environment.

Rich Battery types and Technology Knowledge

We provide wide range of batteries and comprehensive technology information. For better power solution, Spaceflight also provides necessary suggestion of sales and battery model information of different market.

After-sale Service

Long warranty for the battery makes sure clients purchase without worries. During the warranty, we will replace you with a brand new battery in new order with confirmation.

Our professional and experienced technicians will offer you the most suitable maintenance solution but also repair knowledge.

Technical Service

Technical Service

1.1 Technical Service Team:

1.1.1 Professional Technicians
We hire a great number of experienced and professional technicians who have at least 5 to 10 years’ experience in lead acid-battery industry. Technicians will provide clients with the best power solution and options to help customers make a suitable purchase decision.
1.1.2 Regular Training Course
Our knowledgeable technicians provide professional training courses for our sales team, evaluating their professional knowledge, which enable the sales team to provide customers with the best purchase advice during the consultation process.

Warranty Service

1.2.1 Warranty Period Guarantee
We guarantee that the batteries provided are brand new, unused and original qualified products. Spaceflight Power also ensures that the batteries are of good performance within the service life under the correct installation, proper use and maintenance conditions.
1.2.2 Ensure Adapting Good Quality Raw Material
Our factory always adapts 99.99% pure lead ensuring the batteries work in good condition during proper use. Good raw material makes good battery.
1.2.3 Provide suitable batteries according to customer requirements
In accordance with the customer’s relevant market area, application, technical standards and relevant laws, our company provides customers with property quality standards.

Various Production and Testing Machines

1.3.1 Full Automatic Production line
Our factory equips 12 full automatic production lines. We manufacture batteries with high efficiency and safety. The automatic production lines reduce production human error and at low cost.
1.3.2 Extensive Testing Machines
We have various of testing machines to achieve battery production quality control. Each manufacturing steps must pass our tests before completion to ensure that there are few faults during manufacturing.

Strict Quality Management

1.4.1 High Precision Quality Control
Strictly control and inspect the quality of raw materials and accessories. Ensure that the battery provided is a product with a perfect process.
1.4.2 QC Department
Specially set up a QC department for quality control. We hire professional quality controller to supervise the manufacturing procedure and try best to manufacture good battery for our clients.


Post time: JAN.28,2021