Group 24 battery vs Group 27 battery

Group 24 battery vs Group 27 battery

Comparison of Group 24 and Group 27 lead acid batteries

The two most prevalent and well-liked battery sizes that we encounter in RVs, watercraft, backup power systems, and medical devices are group 24 and group 27 batteries. includes vehicles such as travel trailers, boats, and RVs. Let’s discuss with difference between group 24 and group 27 batteries. Some of these variations will be covered in this post so you can be certain you’re choosing the appropriate battery for your automobile or truck.

Describe the Group 24 battery

Standard model Group 24 batteries have dimensions of 10.5′′L x 6.1875′′W x 8.875′′H. a particular battery size that is frequently used in cars, backup power systems, and medical equipment.

Group 24 battery vs Group 27 battery

Describe a Group 27 battery

Generally speaking, the group 27 battery, which has dimensions of 12.5′′L x 6.75′′W x 9.37′′H, is likewise a standard model. A particular size of battery that is frequently used for backup power systems, off-the-grid RVs, automotive, marine, and related applications. it exceeds group 24 batteries in size. In general, bigger group sizes have more amp hours than lower values.

Group 24 battery vs Group 27 battery

Group 24 and Group 27 batteries--Chemistry Comparison:

First of all, the most popular BCI Group batteries in the market chemistries, regardless of whether they are group 24 batteries or group 27 batteries, both of them are Sealed Lead Acid (SLA).

Batteries made of absorbent glass mat (AGM)

Lead Acid Sealed (SLA) Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries

Overfilled batteries

batterie lithium-ion

The lead-acid battery is the most affordable among them, but due to its extended cycle life and ability to be recycled, a lot of consumers are becoming interested in lithium batteries. Welcome to speak with the Maxworld Power team if you’re looking to purchase a group-size lithium battery to get advice.


The dimensions of Group 24 batteries and Group 27 batteries were compared by our experts. Group 27 batteries the size 12.2047 x 6.7717 x 8.780 inches, which is 310 x 172 x 223 mm, while Group 24 batteries the dimensions of 10.4331 x 6.7717 x 8.70 inches, or 265 x 172 x 221 mm.

They have the almost same height (8.780 inches, or 223 mm), and breadth (6.7717 inches, or 172 mm). however, the lengths vary.

This information enables you to understand that group 27 batteries typically cannot be placed in battery compartments designed for group 24 batteries. Battery compartments meant for group 27 batteries, however, may also accommodate group 24 batteries.


Generally, group 27 batteries will have a bit higher capacity than group 24 batteries. Any group size with a higher number often contains more amp hours than groups with lower values.


Generally speaking, the group 24 battery’s applications are as follows:

Large UPS systems for backup power

Applications for wheelchairs in the medical, security, and industrial fields

However, the group 27 battery is also used in off-grid, RV, automotive, marine, and other related applications.

What should I look for when comparing group 24 and group 27 batteries?

It’s important to select the right battery for your needs because different battery types are better suited for certain applications. When looking for replacement batteries, it’s critical to understand the group size because it affects the battery’s size, capacity, and location of its terminals.

The group will also specify which extras, such as a battery charger and inverter, are allowed.

RVs frequently use Group 24 genuine deep-cycle batteries, for instance.

Not every battery pack will work with your device. Once you’ve found the ideal size, check to see if it fits your car. Additionally to the equipment, you must ensure that the battery can power your vehicle. But it offers more strength.

What is superior? Battery Comparison between groups 24 and 27

What battery is superior? To be sure you are getting quality service for your investment, you must first understand how batteries are classified and how they operate.

The group 27 battery has a higher output current than the group 24 battery. Therefore, group 27 batteries are designed for large commercial and industrial machinery. As a result of their increased capacity, they also produce more power and last longer. The Group 27 battery can be the solution if you’re seeking a battery that offers the best long-term performance for years to come.

Because group 24 batteries are now found in the majority of autos, most people are familiar with them. Batteries in group 24 should not be used in high-current applications. They can be utilized in small machines that don’t need a lot of power, such as snowmobiles or motorcycles.


Maxworld Power will be a good option if you’re trying to upgrade your batteries to lithium-ion ones! Maxworld Power has a lot of experience making batteries. To learn more about costs and technical files, feel free to contact the Maxworld Power technical staff.

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