The Green Expo exhibition in Mexico successfully closed


With a mission of forging our brand and spread our quality-oriented spirit, the excellent sales crew members of Spaceflight Power Supply Co.,Ltd. has done a brilliant job with the successful closure of the exhibition the Green Expo in Mexico.

The exhibition is held between Sept. 5th and 7th. During this period, a plenty of profound opinions and suggestions from the local distributors, wholesales and retailers enabled Spaceflight Power precisely perceived the pulse of the field of solar energy in the North America. We may compare this communication to nothing more properly than to the first step of learning about the grand market in Americans. Own to these dear friends and their valuable advices, Spaceflight Power firmly believes that we are able to provide not only top quality but favorable marketing strategy and comprehensive services which give advanced edges and make our clients out-stand among fierce international competition.

Through a half month of toil and moil by our sales team, Spaceflight Power Supply Co., Ltd. steps closer to the people in the continents of America. With the aim of  providing the land with clean and economic energy, we sincerely expect your participation and consultant.

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