Clarification of Lead Acid Battery


The common lead-acid batteries are mainly divided into three types, which are Ordinary Battery, Dry Charged Batteries and Maintenance-free Batteries.

Ordinary Battery: The electrode of an ordinary battery is composed of lead and lead oxide, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantages are voltage stability and low price; Disadvantages are low energy storage of kilogram battery, short service life and frequent daily maintenance.

lDry Charge battery: Its main characteristic is that the negative plate has a higher power storage capacity. In a completely dry state, it can be saved in two years to get the power, use. After adding electrolyte, it can be used in 20-30 minutes.

lMaintenance-free battery: Due to its structural advantages, the consumption of electrolyte is very small. The using life is usually twice of a common battery. There are also two kinds of maintenance-free batteries on the market: the first is that there is no need to add supplementary liquid in the use after adding electrolyte at the time of purchase; The other is that the battery itself has been added electrolyte and sealed when leaving the factory, the user does not need to add the supplement liquid.

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