How do we ship lead-acid batteries smoothly?


Beautiful and exquisite lead-acid battery packaging adds color and luster to the products, thus attracting customers and opening the way for the sales of goods. And our company’s packaging, not only to meet the customer’s requirements for color, but also to protect the battery in the process of shipping, so that the battery can be delivered to customers smoothly.

Precautions for marine transportation of lead-acid batteries

1.Professional packaging. As the belowing picture shown, our factory will customize the most suitable packaging according to the size, quantity and type of batteries to make sure the battery is well protected. Our design can prevent burst under normal transportation conditions, and is equipped with effective measures to prevent external short circuit and to protect exposed electrodes.

By the way, the strong outer package protects the battery from short circuit. In the same package, it is necessary to prevent contact with conductive substances that can cause short circuit.

Moreover, the outer package has certain waterproof function, or the waterproof can be achieved by using inner lining (such as plastic bag), unless the structural characteristics of the equipment itself have already possessed waterproof characteristics. As shown in the figure above, our company will customize the professional packaging scheme according to the product conditions and customer needs. The packaging scheme of each battery is different. We will provide professional suggestions to customers, so that customers can rest assured.

Because the lead-acid battery is relatively heavy, we recommend that customers use pallets to load, to avoid strong vibration during handling, and to protect the vertical and horizontal edges of the pallet with angle protectors. But sometimes it is not suitable to use pallet stacking height, because the pallet itself has a certain weight, we will make the most appropriate packaging and transportation plan according to the actual situation and customer requirements.

2.We also need to prepare various kinds of certificates and export information to ensure smooth transportation and smooth delivery of products to our customers.

Like we just mentioned, certificates to be provided by shippers of marine lead-acid batteries:

1. Letter of entrustment for sea transportation;

2. Inspection result sheet of performance of entry-exit packaging and result sheet of use identification of entry-exit dangerous goods transport packaging;

3. Material safety data sheet or safety data sheet (MSDS);

4. Customs declaration form, declaration power of attorney, invoice, contract, commodity inspection authorization letter, packing list, customs clearance form of outbound goods.

What should we pay attention to after receiving the lead-acid batteries?

Firstly, Most of the batteries are very heavy. When transporting the battery, please remember to handle it with care to avoid damaging the battery case. Damage of the battery case may cause electrolyte leakage and corrosion of equipment. Ensure adequate insulation between and around the battery and equipment. Inadequate insulation may cause electric shock, short circuit heating, smoking or burning.

Secondly, special charger should be used for charging. Direct connection to DC power supply may cause battery leakage, heating or burning. Please be sure to use the corresponding charger. If you have any questions, please ask our salesperson.

Thirdly, due to the lead-acid battery self-discharge, the battery capacity will slowly decrease. Please recharge the battery before use after long storage (Usually three to six months). Whether the battery is covered with insulating materials, water stains and dust deposition will cause the discharge and short circuit between the battery electrodes. When storing, installing and using the battery, it is better to cover the top of the battery with clean and insulating materials.

Finally, our company produces maintenance-free lead-acid battery. This kind of battery uses room temperature reduction (hydrogen and oxygen to synthesize water) technology so that the battery does not need to add distilled water until the end of its life. This means that it does not require customers to configure electrolyte, because the electrolyte may be mixed with impurities.


All in all, in order to better provide customers with satisfactory products and services, our company will continue to optimize products, keep up with the latest market requirements and shipping policies, and continue to improve. Customers’ satisfaction is our greatest wish.

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