How to Charge Your AGM Battery?

How to Charge Your AGM Battery?

Due to their distinct technology, AGM batteries can be used in a variety of items, including automobiles, electronics, and UPS backup power. One approach to make sure your AGM battery lasts a long time is to charge it correctly. Inadequate charging has led to numerous battery failures. Erroneous charging of an AGM battery can lead to ageing, overheating, and loss of charge retention. Some things required to be taken into consideration during charging your battery correctly: the charger, the time, etc. Please constant to read to learn how to charge your AGM battery correctly for a long-lasting battery.

Techniques for Charging An AGM Battery

If your AGM battery is in good condition, there are various ways to charge it and prolong its lifespan. These techniques will make charging your AGM battery simple:

Intelligent charger

A deep cycle battery charger’s three main tasks include charging the battery, maximizing the charging rate, and shutting off when the battery is fully charged. The majority of battery types are compatible with smart chargers, which use the battery’s voltage to determine the type of battery and amount of charge needed. Reverse pulse technology in smart chargers can assist lower battery temperatures while charging your AGM battery.

Alternator charging/split charging

Lead-acid and AGM batteries work well with most alternators overall. Nevertheless, it is preferable to use a battery charger to fully charge the battery and reduce sulfation-related battery life loss because they seldom fully charge a Deep Cycle battery. It’s also important to keep in mind that dual battery systems and cable/wiring runs may restrict the voltage that can be produced by the alternator. To make sure you’re getting enough voltage to charge the battery, check the voltage that is actually received at the terminals of the battery.

Sun charging

When you’re not connected to the mains power, you can use free sun energy from your solar panels to fuel your deep cycle batteries. Solar regulators, sometimes referred to as charge controllers, are required to be attached to solar panels once they have been placed in the sun. The 12-volt solar charge controller safely controls this voltage, which if left unchecked might potentially damage a battery due to its changing energy output. Most solar regulators go into float charge mode to avoid overcharging when the battery reaches its maximum capacity.

The Best Way to Charge An AGM Battery

If you follow these steps, you can successfully charge your AGM battery:

Apply the suggested charger: An AGM battery should only be charged using a charger designed for that kind of battery. It’s important to remember that AGM batteries shouldn’t typically be charged higher than 14.8 volts. An instruction sheet and specification sheet with detailed guidelines will probably be supplied by the battery’s manufacturer. Chargers with AGM charging capabilities are labeled to deliver maximum efficiency and guard against overcharging, undercharging, and cell balancing of the battery.

Recognize the AGM battery charging process: AGM batteries are lead-acid batteries that need to be charged differently from other types of batteries, such lithium-Ion batteries. On the one hand, AGM batteries cannot be damaged by partial charging as lithium batteries can. It is necessary to fully charge an AGM deep cycle battery. For maximum effect, it is advised to slightly overcharge the batteries. On the other hand, a smart charger will automatically top off the battery for you.

Keep an eye on the temperature since AGM battery has a limited charging range of temperature. There is a 40 degree Celsius or 104 degree Fahrenheit temperature limit for all lead-acid batteries, including AGMs. Additionally, low temperatures have an impact on how well AGM batteries charge. If it’s below to be freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), you shouldn’t charge your batteries. Instead, you should charge them only when the temperature is within reasonable bounds to guarantee a long lifespan.

How to Charge Your AGM Battery?

AGM battery cells have the potential to heat up when being charged. It’s perfectly normal and shouldn’t worry you; the battery may still be used while it’s heated. You can disconnect and wait for a battery to cool down if it becomes too hot while charging. Acquiring the knowledge of effectively charging an AGM battery will help you maintain your device’s functionality and save costs and time.

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