How to choose a best car battery!~


Good reserve capacity.

That’s the built-in juice that lets your battery keep running when the car is off, such as if you leave your lights on.

Spaceflight power tests this by buying dozens of batteries and running them dry; its ratings are the best source for

finding a battery that won’t conk out too quickly.

Ample cold-cranking amps.

Cold-cranking amps indicate how much power a battery has in frigid temperatures. Generally, more cold-cranking amps means

a battery will reliably start up without repeated cranking on those cold early mornings. However, in professional tests,

the number of amps doesn’t always correlate with stronger performance.

Long life.

A good battery can last much longer than its three-year warranty.

A maintenance-free design.

“Maintenance-free” means you won’t have to top up your battery with distilled water. Some have a completely sealed

case — you can’t open the battery at all. Others do have caps, so you can add water if necessary, but you shouldn’t

have to.

A carrying handle.

The average car battery weighs 18 kgs, so a carrying handle will prove extremely helpful, especially for do-it-yourselfers

trying to lower the battery into a tightly packed engine compartment.

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