What VRLA Battery Do I Need?


VRLA battery is common and can be shown everywhere. We can use it in a wide range of application, but maybe you will ask that what are the differences between different types of storage battery and how to choose lead acid storage battery in various situations? Today, we will take about lead acid storage battery here to tell you guys something about lead acid storage battery applications and how to choose it.

What Is VRLA Storage Battery?

what is vrla storage battery

Storage battery is mainly used for solar power generation equipment and wind power generation equipment and renewable energy.
Maybe you have heard about lead acid car battery, but it is different from lead acid car battery. Now, we are going to talk about them from bellowing aspects:

1. Different Kinds

Car battery uses lead calcium alloy for grid frame, so it is less water decomposition and low moisture evaporation when the charging. Coupled with the outer seal structure, the release of acid gas is very few. So it does not need to add any liquid compared with the traditional dry battery, it has advantages of long storage time.
Storage battery is used in solar photovoltaic power generation. At present, there are four kinds of storage battery as followed, lead acid maintenance free battery, dry lead acid battery, gel battery and alkaline nickel-cadmium battery.

2. Different Working Principles

During the day, the sun shines on the solar module, so that the solar cell module produces a certain range of DC voltage, converts the light energy into electric energy, and then transmits it to the intelligent controller. After the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the electric energy from the solar module is transmitted to the battery for storage.
The process of automotive battery transmits current to an external circuit. The discharge methods can be divided into constant discharge and constant resistance discharge, also divided into continuous discharge and intermittent discharge. Continuous discharge is a discharge method of continuous discharge to the termination voltage under specified discharge conditions. Discontinuous discharge is a method of battery discharging under specified discharge conditions, discharging intermittently until the specified termination voltage.

The Kinds of VRLA Battery

Kinds of VRLA Battery

There are many kinds of storage battery, and it can be divided into the following three categories:

  1. Exhaust type storage battery, which is the battery with a device for replenishing liquid and separating gas on the battery cover.
  2. Valve regulated lead acid battery. Each battery is sealed but it is valve regulated that allowing gas to escape when the internal pressure exceeds a certain value.
  3. Gel lead acid battery which uses gelled electrolytes. Valve regulated sealed lead acid battery is divided into two kinds according to the different transfer modes of oxygen from the negative to the positive, one is AGM, the other is SiO2-PVC (also known as colloidal battery). The essential difference between them is that one uses AGM separator between the positive and negative plates, which is filled with electrolyte and also provides a channel for oxygen circulation. The other uses gel and PVC partition, in which silica gel is added into the electrolyte to become a fixed body, and the cracks of the colloid are used to transfer oxygen. In terms of performance, gel battery cycle life is good, not easy to layer, and not easy to heat out of control, but its price is high, large current discharge performance is poor, and there is acid mist initially.

What Storage Batteries do I Need in Different Applications

With the continuous development of new energy, photovoltaic power generation is widely used, and the application range of storage battery applied to photovoltaic power generation is more and more extensive. The following introduces the application ranges of storage battery:

1. Solar Power Supply:

a). Small power supply ranging from 10 to 100W used in remote areas without electricity, such as used for lighting, TV, radio recorder, etc. in plateau, island, pastoral areas, border posts and other military and civilian life electricity.

b). 3~5KW household roof grid-connected power generation system.

c). Photovoltaic water pump: to solve drinking and irrigation of deep water Wells in areas without electricity.

Usually you can choose valve regulated lead acid 12V VRLA Middle Series battery from 12V100Ah to 12V250Ah in this situation.

2. Transportation Field:

Such as navigation lights, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning/sign lights, street lights, high-altitude obstacle lights, highway/railway wireless telephone booths, unattended road shift power supply, etc.
Usually you can choose valve regulated lead acid 12V VRLA Small Series battery from 12V7Ah to 12V38Ah in this situation.

3.Communication/telecommunication Field:

Solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcasting/communication/paging power supply system, rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, soldiers GPS power supply, etc.
Usually you can choose valve regulated lead acid 12V Front Terminal Series Battery from in this situation.

4. Petroleum, Marine and Meteorological Fields:

Protection of oil pipelines, life and emergency power supply of oil drilling platforms. It is also used for marine detection equipment, meteorological or hydrological observation equipment, etc.
Usually you can choose valve regulated lead acid 12V VRLA Middle Series battery from 12V100Ah to 12V250Ah in this situation.

5. Power Supply of Household Lamps:

Garden light, street light, hand light, camping light, mountaineering light, fishing light, black light, glue cutting light, energy saving light, etc.
Usually you can choose valve regulated UPS lead acid 12V VRLA Small Series battery from 12V7Ah to 12V38Ah in this situation.

6. Photovoltaic Power Station:

10KW~50MW independent photovoltaic power station, wind-solar (firewood) complementary power station, various large parking and charging stations, etc.
Usually you can choose valve regulated lead acid 2V VRLA Series battery from 2V100Ah to 2V3000Ah in this situation.

7. Solar Energy Building:

It is a major development direction in the future to combine solar power generation with building materials to make the future large buildings self-sufficient in electricity.
Usually you can choose valve regulated lead acid 12V VRLA Middle Series battery from 12V100Ah to 12V250Ah in this situation.

8. Other Areas Include:

a). Equipped with automobiles: solar car/electric car, battery charging equipment, automobile air conditioning, ventilation fan, cold drink box, etc.
b). Renewable power generation system with solar hydrogen production and fuel cells.
c). Power supply for seawater desalination equipment.
d). Satellites, spacecraft, space solar power stations, etc.


In conclusion, VRLA battery is applied in a wide range. It includes many aspects in our daily life and work, which make it more convenient. As the development of the world goes on, environmental protection has become an increasingly important topic. Storage battery has promoted the development of new energy and contributed a great force to the world’s environmental protection career.

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