12v lead acid battery charging


As we known, lead acid battery is needed to be charged, but do you know what needs to be paid attention and how to charge? Today, we are going to talk about 12v lead acid battery charging. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Common Misconceptions about 12v lead acid battery

Many people use lead acid battery, but they do not pay much attention to it. They do not use the batteries reasonably so that causing the battery life to be shortened, and put the blame on the manufacturers. There are four most common charging misconceptions

First of all, the new lead acid battery is not initially charged. The first charge of lead acid battery is called initial charge, which has an effect on the service life and charge capacity of lead acid battery greatly. If charging insufficiently, the lead acid battery has low charge capacity, short using life and needs more charging times. However, if the charge is too much, though the electrical performance is good, it will still damage the lead acid battery as well as shorten its service life, thus the new lead acid battery should be carefully charged at the beginning.

Secondly, lead acid battery must be charged according to the charging specifications before using. For lead acid battery, normally under the instructions in the specified two-year storage period if the use, as long as the specified density of the electrolyte used for fifteen-minute, don’t need to be charged and can be used. However, if the storage period is more than 2-year, for the reason that the partial oxidation on the plate to improve its charge capacity, it should be charged before use, about charging five-hour to eight- hour before use.

What’s more, lead acid battery overcharge. As has been mentioned above, charging not ought to be too much, but after normal use, even if the charging current is not big, but the electrolyte “boiling” for a long time. Additionally, the tiny particles on the surface of the active material fall off easily, still can make grid frame excessive oxidation, active substances and fence loose.

Lead acid battery is not recharged, which is for starting lead-acid batteries. It is said that some drivers usually neglect the in-car lead acid battery recharge. Lead acid battery in the car charging is not complete and easy to cause plate vulcanization. In the meanwhile, the amount of charge and discharge in use is unbalanced. If the discharge is greater than the charge and the lead acid battery will be in the situation of power loss for a long time, the lead-acid battery plate will be vulcanized slowly. This kind of chronic vulcanization will make the charge capacity of lead-acid battery decrease steadily until the starting is weak, which greatly shortens the using life of the battery. To reduce the active substances on the lead acid battery plate in time, reduce the plate vulcanization, improve the charge capacity of the lead acid battery, and prolong its service life, the lead acid battery in the vehicle should be recharged regularly.

Fourthly, the polarity charging reverse. Because of the lead acid battery positive and negative plate materials are different, even if the active substances, the negative plate as well as puts barium sulfate into, humic acid, carbon black and rosin materials, used to prevent the negative plate shrinkage and oxidation. Besides, the amount of negative plates per single grid lead acid battery is always one more than the number of positive plates, and the negative plate is a little thinner than the positive plate. When the lead acid battery is initially charged or recharged, if the polarity isn’t paid attention to, the lead acid battery will be charged backwards, and the positive and negative poles will almost all become coarse-grain PbSO4, leading to insufficient charge capacity of the lead acid battery, not being capable of working normally, and even lead acid battery scrapped. Thus, when charging must pay attention to polarity, must not polarity charging.

The use of lead acid battery flotation charging should be considered in series

In many cases, lead acid battery is applied more in series than in a single unit, but charging is the weakest link. During using UPS power supply, the general battery specification states that the charging current should not exceed 0.15cc. It means that the lead acid battery will take several times to recharge after the full discharge of the UPS. This is a situation you have to take into account.

In that sense, they are generally less than 20% usable. But since the battery does not work continuously, as long as the power is restored before the battery is discharged and no power is cut off during the recharging process, there will be less influence to the load. From this point of view, the availability of lead acid battery is high with only short outages.

However, if the charger is broken down, the battery will not be capable of being recharged after one discharge, leading to the next power outage load power, but the charger only works when the battery needs to be charged. Thus, if the state of the charger can be timely monitored and an alarm should be given when abnormalities are found, the problems caused by the charger fault can be avoided and the availability of the whole lead acid battery can be improved.

But how to charge during the lead acid battery flotation charging?

When using lead acid batteries in group, the voltage of a single battery should always be tested. If the battery is vitally low, it ought to be removed in time and processed separately. What’s more, the voltage of each battery should be monitored at any time when discharging before charging. In case of any sharp drop below 10.8V, it should be replaced immediately and handled separately.

The battery pack that can be taken out individually is best handled separately:

1). Discharge alone

2). Separate charging:

The battery with large internal resistance difference cannot be combined in series to charge, to a single independent, such as forced combined charging, cannot ensure that each battery at the same time enough, more dangerous is that there will be individual batteries with large internal resistance will be overcharged or reverse charge and damage.

And besides, during 12v lead acid battery charging period, in order to charge the batteries with different quality and internal resistance one by one, the author designed a simple charging circuit, as shown in FIG. As the battery is exhausted, we only need to press 0. LC enough current for 10 hours. Series lead acid battery charging must be checked regularly, otherwise it is easy to cause problems in the whole battery pack due to a single battery.


We should take12v lead acid battery charging seriously because if you do not do it properly, the battery quality may go down very quickly and it will shorten the battery lifespan in the long run.

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