Best AGM Battery

2V AGM battery
2V AGM Battery

• What is an AGM battery?

The Absorbed Glass Mat battery (AGM) is an advanced battery technology that is getting increasingly common & popular in today’s auto applications. It has a constant voltage of 12V, and is designed for delivering powerful bursts as well as long-term operation of electronics. An AGM battery can work much longer than a common flooded battery.

• How many years do AGM batteries last?

AGM batteries are wildly used in many applications because of their benefits, one of which is the long lifespan. Compared to ordinary batteries, AGM ones enjoy a longer lifespan. Generally, properly maintained AGM batteries can last up to seven years, while flooded batteries typically last three to five years.

• Can I replace AGM battery with a standard lead battery?

Of course, yes. AGM batteries can be replaced with another AGM battery or returned to normal batteries, like standard lead batteries, when they die. Actually, there is no difference when it comes to the base chemistry between an AGM battery and a lead acid battery. However, as an advanced lead-acid battery, AGM batteries perform better and work longer than standard lead ones. We do encourage you to keep using AGM batteries.

• Do AGM batteries require a special charger?

Generally, no. A special charging mechanism instead of a specific charger is required for AGM batteries, this requires a constant voltage charger that outputs electricity at roughly 12.7 volts. What’s more, to keep its high performance, we do suggest you not overcharge an AGM battery, which can lead to reduced battery lifespan.