HT2-1000 AGM VRLA Battery (2V Series)
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Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 100Ah to 3000Ah
Designed Service Life: 12-15years (Designed floating service life at 25℃)

Long Life Battery is a general purpose battery with 20 years design life in float service. With heavy duty grids, thicker plates, special additives and updated AGM valve regulated technology, the RL series
battery provides consistent performance and long service life. The new grid design effectively reduces the internal resistance, which provides higher specific energy density and excellent high rate discharge characteristics. It is suitable for communications back-up power and EPS/UPS applications .

Model: HT2-1000
Capacity: 1000Ah
Volt: 2V
Size: 476×174×338×338 mm

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HT2-1000 AGM VRLA Battery

General Features:
● Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
● Special alloy grids
● Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
● Low Self-discharge
● Oxygen recombination efficiency rate: >=98%
● Solid Copper Terminals


Can you charge an AGM battery with a regular charger?
You can choose whether to charge an AGM battery or a flooded cell option on a lot of contemporary chargers. But if you have a VRLA battery, it’s crucial not to utilize an outdated charger designed exclusively to meet the requirements of wet cell batteries, as was mentioned above.

Do AGM batteries get sulfated?
This includes the brand-new “dry” sealed AGM-spiral-wound versions under the Optima, Odyssey, Exide, and Interstate names. Every time a battery is used, sulfation forms in them (discharged – recharged). They will quickly produce sulfate if overcharged, undercharged, or left discharged—some after even only a few days.

How far can you drain a deep cycle battery?
Although some deep cycle batteries may withstand an 80 percent discharge, most are designed to withstand a 50 percent discharge.

Will an alternator charge an AGM battery?
Charging Through the Alternator in Your Car
In general, lead acid and AGM batteries operate fairly well with vehicle or van alternators.

What Is the Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger?
NOCO Genius G15000. NOCO GENIUS G15000 12V/24V 15 Amp Pro-Series Battery Charger and Maintainer.
NOCO Genius 10-Amp.
ADPOW 5A Battery Charger.
CTEK 4.3 Amp Deep Cycle Battery Charger.
Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger.
BLACK+DECKER Deep Cycle Battery Charger.
Battery Tender Plus.

Can you overcharge a deep cycle battery?
Yes, it is possible to overcharge deep cycle batteries. Whether or not these batteries are overcharged depends on the amps used to charge them.

Can I replace the AGM battery with a standard lead battery?
Did your car have a flooded lead acid battery when it was new? If so, you should consider upgrading to an AGM battery to take advantage of its more robust, maintenance-free construction. You have the option of switching back to a standard battery or replacing the dead AGM battery with another one.

What is a deep cycle battery used for?
Deep cycle batteries are made to be discharged and recharged, such as in an electric vehicle, golf cart, RV, or another similar device.


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