Gel battery vs lithium battery


As we all know, electric cars have been popular since they just came out. With the continuous development of electric vehicles, the battery of electric vehicles, which is the most basic power of electric vehicles, also appears in different types. Gel battery VS lithium battery we will discuss which battery is better for electric vehicles.

Gel Battery

Gel type lead-acid battery is an improvement on the ordinary lead acid battery with liquid electrolyte. The sulphuric acid electrolyte is replaced by gel electrolyte, which is better than the ordinary battery in terms of safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life.

Gel lead-acid battery adopts gel electrolyte, and there is no free liquid inside. Under the same volume, electrolyte capacity is larger, heat capacity is larger, heat dissipation ability is stronger, which can avoid the thermal runaway phenomenon. The electrolyte concentration is low, and the corrosion of plate is weak. The gel lead acid battery has uniform concentration as well as no stratification of electrolyte.

Advantages of Gel Battery

1.High quality and long service life. Gel electrolyte prevents plate corrosion, but also reduces the storage battery in the bending phenomenon of heavy load produced when using plate, plate short circuit, to prevent the plate active material softening better off. It has good physical and chemical protection, which is a traditional lead-acid battery state detection standard 1.5 ~ 2 times of life. Gel electrolyte specific gravity science is not easy to cause plate vulcanization, and even under normal use, the number of cycles in more than 550 times.

2. Safe to use and conducive to environmental protection. Gel lead acid battery has no acid fog gas precipitation, no electrolyte leakage, no combustion, no explosion, no corrosion of the car body and no pollution. Because the electrolyte is solid, even if the battery shell accidentally breaks during use, it can still be used normally, and there is no liquid sulfuric acid leakage.

3. High efficiency and good performance. Gel lead acid battery self-discharge is small, which is good for long-term storage. The high performance of deep discharge is beneficial to improve the utilization rate and discharge capacity of active substances. When it is deep discharge, the gel battery enjoys great discharge recovery capacity and charging acceptance capacity more than 50% over the national standard.

4. Easy to use and no need for frequent maintenance. Gel lead acid battery surface is clean without dirt. Disposable electrolyte infusion and permanent guarantee lifetime free of acid can save a lot of maintenance costs.

5. Little water loss. Oxygen cycle design, there is convenient for oxygen diffusion of the hole, oxygen precipitation and negative substances can be chemical reaction, so in the process of charging and discharging gas precipitation less, less water loss.

6. Storage for a long time. It has good ability to resist plate acidification and reduce plate grid corrosion, and has long storage life.

7. Less self-discharge. It can hinder the water diffusion and inhibit PbO spontaneous reduction reaction during cathode reduction, so the self-discharge is less.

8. Good start-up performance at low temperature. Because sulfuric acid electrolyte exists in gel, although the internal resistance is a little larger, but at low temperature the change of the internal resistance of colloid electrolyte is small, so its low temperature start-up performance is good.

9. High charging efficiency. The special charging method can fully activate the active substance and improve the battery capacity.

10. It is used in a wide range of temperature, especially suitable for the cold weather in northeast China. The gel battery can be normally used in the range of temperature difference between -40℃ and 65℃, which effectively solves the problem that the traditional lead-acid battery is difficult to start due to the high cold area and other high temperature area in the north of China.

Gel battery VS lithium battery, which is better?

Compared with gel lead acid battery, lithium battery has higher average voltage and higher energy density. In addition, lithium batteries are relatively light, easy to carry, and relatively long life. What’s more, lithium batteries are more adaptable to high and low temperatures, less affected by temperature, and greener.

Of course, lithium battery also has three disadvantages, their safety and stability is relatively poor than the lead acid battery, if not properly operated, it is easy to explode the risk. In addition, lithium batteries cannot discharge large current and its requirements are strict and the cost is higher.

The emergence of lithium battery products is a realization of the progress of the electric vehicle industry. Although lithium battery has many advantages currently, electric vehicles are still dominated by batteries, and the main factor is the imperfect technology. In a word, for lithium battery, it is hard to replace gel lead acid battery, and its technology must improve, so that more people can accept it.

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