Uninterruptible Power Supply how it works


Uninterruptible Power Supply how it works? When the grid voltage is normal, the government voltage is supplied to the load after voltage stabilization by UPS. The UPS with good performance is a good AC voltage regulator and improves the quality of power supply. At the same time, it also charges the battery in the machine to store backup energy. When the grid voltage is abnormal, the UPS inverter converts the DC power of the battery into AC energy Maintain power supply to the load. Self switching between power supply of power grid ensures uninterrupted power supply to load. Moreover, the tolerable switching time can be selected according to the precision of the equipment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply how it works

Next, spaceflight power takes you to understand how Uninterruptible Power Supply work from two aspects: passive backup UPS and online UPS, which are the most widely used UPS.

1. Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

When the power supply is normal, the battery is charged by the rectifier in one way, while the voltage of the other line is stabilized initially by the automatic voltage regulator to absorb part of the grid interference, and then it is directly provided to the user by the bypass transfer switch. At this time, the battery is in the state of charge until the battery is full and turns into floating charge state. From here we all know that the backup UPS power supply needs to be combined with the battery, and the battery is a very important part of the backup UPS power supply.

When the grid voltage or grid frequency exceeds the input range of UPS, that is, under abnormal conditions, the AC input is cut off, the charger stops working, and the battery is discharged. Under the control of the control circuit, the inverter starts to work, making the inverter produce AC. at this time, the UPS power supply system is converted into battery inverter to continue to supply power to the load. Passive backup UPS has the advantages of simple structure and cheapest price. It is used in some non important loads, such as home computers.

However, when the mains power is off, the relay will switch the inverter to the load, which takes a long time and usually takes several milliseconds. Therefore, the passive backup UPS power supply should not be selected for the slightly important computer equipment.

2. Online Uninterruptible Power Supply

When the power supply of On-line UPS is normal in the power grid, the input voltage of the power grid passes through the noise filter to remove the high-frequency interference in the power grid, so as to obtain pure alternating current. It enters the rectifier for rectification and filtering, and converts the alternating current into smooth direct current, and then it is divided into two channels, one enters the charger to charge the battery, the other supplies the inverter, and the inverter converts the DC into DC Electricity is converted into 220 V, 50 Hz AC for load use. When the mains power is interrupted, the AC input has been cut off, and the rectifier is no longer working. At this time, the battery discharge will transfer the energy to the inverter, and then the inverter will change the DC power into AC for the load. Therefore, for the load, although the market power no longer exists, but at this time the load does not stop due to the interruption of the commercial power, and can still operate normally.

It’s important to note that the lead-acid battery has a high market share in the battery field due to its advantages of safety, stability and high cost performance, and is widely used in automobile starting, communication, energy storage, UPS power supply and other fields. The UPS gel battery and UPS sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery produced by Spaceflight Power are also the first choice of customers.

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