How Long Do AGM Car Batteries Last?

How Long Do AGM Batteries Last

In order to save fuel, more and more new vehicles are equipped with automatic start-stop systems. For the reason that the stop/ start systems need the battery to charge and discharge quickly, the normal lead acid battery cannot discharge large current for several times in a short time, and the separator plate makes the electric ions pass quickly, so that the stop/ start battery arises at the right moment. There are AGM start and stop battery, as well as EFB start and stop battery. Today, we will talk about the lifespan of AGM car batteries.

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Factors Affect The Lifespan Of The AGM Car Batteries

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More and more people are using AGM car batteries for its state-of-the-art technology. AGM battery life expectancy is much longer than the normal car batteries. Generally speaking, the normal range of AGM battery lifespan is between four to five years. It may be shorter or longer depending on how you use and maintain your car battery. AGM is one of the most technologically advanced car batteries. Talking about the lifespan of an AGM battery, which has a longer lifespan than most ordinary batteries because of some factors:

First of all, it is cycle life. The lifespan of a battery depends on the use cycles. Usually, the AGM or flooded battery has a period from 400 to 700 times. As for gel battery, it has a cycle of 500 to 5000 times.

Secondly, it is the effect of discharge. If the battery runs hard, it will fail more likely. It only means that the larger capacity you use on your cells, the shorter lifespan it will get.

Thirdly, it is temperature or weather condition. It is convinced that extreme weather condition is bad for the battery. Whether it is too cold or too hot, both states will contribute to a shorter lifespan of your batteries. Extreme climate will extremely affect the battery’s performance. It is advised that do not expose your batteries under extreme weather condition. The chemical substance of the battery reacts more depending on the extreme weather temperature. Both cold and hot are bad for your batteries.

Fourthly, it is rate recharge and voltage. It is important to think about the voltage and recharge rate of a battery. A lower and slower charge is better than a faster recharge rate. Sure, it may lessen the waiting time for recharging, but fast charging your battery may cause more harm and damage than good.

If these are the factors that shorten the life of your battery, then how can we extend its lifespan? Here are some ways to continue or extend the lifespan of your AGM battery.

Ways To Extend The Lifespan of the AGM Car Batteries

There are many things will affects the lifespan of the AGM car batteries. However, there is some ways we can do to extend the lifespan of the AGM battery. As well as maintenance is significant.

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(AGM start/stop battery)

To begin with, always charge your batteries. Make it to full charge every time. What’s more, always aim for an 80% to 85% state of charge, if you have enough time, always go for a full charge. Next, make sure to use a smart charger when you charge batteries, and avoid discharging your batteries below 50%. Besides, be sure to use the most potent source. Furthermore, smart solar controllers are advisable to use and intelligent controllers can switch modes automatically. Additionally, try to minimize the voltage drop in the battery’s system wiring and use the correct float voltage, which is one of the critical sides of AGM car

batteries. Last but not the least, knowing your state of charge every time will significantly help.

The Reasons for Why Does AGM Start/Stop Battery Last Longer?

  1. AGM car batteries use high purity lead in production, which performs better and lasts longer than the recycled lead used in many batteries. AGM battery contains 99.99% pure lead. It only means better performance and endurance, increasing the durability and lifespan of their cells by increasing its lead content.
  2. AGM adopts an absorbed glass mat (AGM separator), which absorbs the liquid in the array and keeps it dry all the time. It is one advantage over the other batteries.
  3. AGM battery designs are much better as it minimizes the spills that would damage the car paint. The fiberglass matting prevents the spillage and protects the battery more.
  4. Many new cars use “Start/Stop” technology, which acts similarly to a gas-powered golf cart. When you come to a complete stop, the engine shuts off and when you press on the accelerator, the engine starts up again. It means the batteries used in these Start/Stop vehicles could typically start the engine thousands of times more over the life of a battery, than a car just leaves the engine running the entire time the vehicle is in use.


It is typically cannot tell a specific number of years as an answer to the question of how long does an AGM car batteries last, for the reason that every application is different. Generally say that an AGM battery can last two to three times as long as a flooded battery. However, in the commuter car example we referenced, if a flooded battery lasts three to five years, an AGM battery could last six to ten years or longer. As for a high-vibration commercial application, a typical flooded battery may only last a few weeks, where an AGM battery could last several months. The key to maximizing AGM car batteries performance and lifespan is keeping the voltage in your battery properly-maintained with a quality battery maintenance device. With the advanced technology it uses and proper ways to expend the AGM start/stop battery, it can give you a longer lifespan.

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