How much is lead acid battery price?


Lead acid battery (VRLA) is an electrode made mainly of lead, which electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution of batteries. The main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide and the main component of the negative electrode is lead during its discharging state. While in charging state, the main components of anode and cathode are lead sulfate. Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, as its name suggests, are the biggest feature of “maintenance-free”. And lead acid batteries consume very little electrolyte and rarely need to be replenished with distilled water during their life. It also has the characteristics of seismic resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume and small self-discharge. So what is the lead acid battery price?

Lead Acid Battery Price

The price of lead acid battery is affected by many factors, so the battery price is changeable. Let’s take some examples now.

Firstly, as for the storage battery, the battery price also changes with a different lead price range, so the price of the storage battery is less changeable than the car battery. Such as 48V100AH solar battery, which makes 4PCS 12V100AH into one set to apply. If you order 10PCS to 199PCS for one order, the battery price is approximately USD73.50, but if you order more than 200PCS for one time, we will give you an extra discount so that the price will decrease to USD56.00, which is more economical. And it means taking USD294.00 for one set with the quantity range from 10PCS to 199PCS. However, with more than 200PCS, it just takes you USD224.00 for one set! It is easy to see that if you order more, the price is much cheaper in our factory.

Besides, the 12V180AH battery price is also changed with the lead price and the order quantity. Our quantity requirement for the motive battery is smaller than the car battery and storage battery. If you order 10PCS to 49PCS, the price is about USD163.10, and if you order more than 50PCS, the price will decrease a lot that reaches to USD 140.81. It is a big discount, which is approximately more than 10% discount for the bigger amount.

Lastly, take 12V24AH solar battery for an example. It is AGM VRLA small series, which is not the main product in our factory. 12V24AH battery price ranges from USD18.11 to USD24.32 according to different weights, lead prices, and exchange rates.

Lead is the most important factor affecting lead acid price

There are so many factors that are affecting lead acid battery’s price, such as lead price, raw material, the relationship of supply and demand, etc. However, the lead price affects the battery price to the greatest extend, and here I will analyze the lead price here with you today.

What Are the Main Factors Affecting the Price of Lead?

1.Relationship of supply and demand.

According to the principles of microeconomics, when there is an oversupply of a good, its price falls, and vice versa. At the same time, the price will affect supply and demand in turn, when price rises, supply will increase and demand will decrease, and vice versa, demand will increase and supply will decrease, so price and supply and demand will influence each other. An important indicator that reflects the relationship between supply and demand is inventory. Lead inventories are reported and non-reported. Reported inventory, also known as “Manifest Inventory,” refers to the exchange inventory. Non-reported inventory, also known as “hidden inventory,” is the inventory held by producers, traders, and consumers worldwide. As these inventories will not be published on a regular basis, it is difficult to make statistics, so it is generally used to measure inventory changes in stock exchange inventory.

2.International and domestic economic development.

Lead is an important nonferrous metal. The consumption of lead is highly related to economic development. When a country or region develops rapidly, the consumption of lead will also increase synchronously. Similarly, a recession can lead to a decline in the consumption of lead in some industries, leading to fluctuations in the price of lead. In the analysis of macroeconomy, two indicators are very important, one is the rate of economic growth or GDP growth rate, and the other is the rate of industrial production growth rate.

3.Downstream industry boom degree.

The main use of lead in lead-acid batteries, and lead-acid batteries are mainly used in automobiles, communication power supply, electric bicycles, and other applications, so the downstream demand industry of lead is relatively concentrated, and the prosperity of these industries directly affects the consumption of lead. Analysis of these downstream industry changes can be a more comprehensive grasp of lead consumption.

4.Import and Export policy.

Import and export policy, especially tariff policy, is an important means to balance domestic supply and demand by adjusting the import and export cost of goods so as to control the import and export volume of a commodity. Due to the rapid growth of domestic demand and the increasingly prominent resource bottleneck, the state does not encourage the export of energy-intensive smelting products. Since 2006, China has successively reduced or canceled the export tax rebate for many products, even increased the export tariff, and canceled the preferential policies for processing supplied materials. The increase in export cost restrains export effectively. In 2006, the export tax rebate for the refined lead was abolished, and a large amount of refined lead was exported before the implementation of the trade policy, making the export volume that year the highest on record. Exports fell sharply in 2007. In 2009, China became a net importer of refined lead for the first time, with imports surging and outpacing exports, supported by domestic and foreign prices.

5.The cost of lead production.

The cost of production is the basis for measuring the level of commodity prices. The cost of lead production varies from mine to mine and smelter. The most common economic analysis of the cash flow, which decreases as the value of the by-product increases. During lead smelting, the by-product silver is more abundant, so the price of silver also affects the cost of lead production.


After I talk so much about the lead price and the lead acid battery price, do you feel clearer about the change in battery price? If you want more information, you can contact us.

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