Is battery for electric scooter the same as UPS battery?


In recent years, we can easily find that there are a lot of electric cars on the road. Battery for electric scooter have memory effect, poor storage efficiency, large temperature influence, large size, heavyweight, short life and need to be replaced frequently, leading to more and more people want to change to UPS power battery. UPS power battery has developed rapidly in recent years, the volume to capacity density ratio has very significant progress, the most important is that the cost price with mass production has dropped a lot, more and more customers want to replace electric vehicle batteries with UPS power battery. Today, we will discuss whether the two types of batteries can be interchangeable.

What is UPS battery and battery for electric scooter UPS battery


UPS battery is an energy storage battery, is also the UPS power supply system important source of power protection, to provide uninterruptible power supply for the load, when floating charging, with a charging voltage of 2.275V/ single grid (20℃ set value), for constant voltage charging or 0.1Ca below the current for constant current charging.

If the temperature is below 0C or above 40C, it is necessary to revise the charging voltage. For each change of one degree Celsius starting at 20C, the single-cell voltage will change by -3mV. When the cycle is charged, the charging voltage is 2.40-2.50V/ cell (the set value at 20℃) to carry out constant voltage charging. When the temperature is below 5C or above 35℃ for charging, the starting point is 20℃, and the charging voltage is adjusted to -4mV/cell for every change of 1 ℃.

Electric vehicle battery


The battery for electric scooter is the power source of electric vehicles, is the lead-acid power battery, lead-acid battery cost is low, cost-effective. Because this battery can be charged, can be used repeatedly, because it is impossible to charge in time in the process of riding an electric vehicle, often more than 60% of the depth of discharge, deep discharge, lead sulfate concentration increase, vulcanization will be quite serious.

It is also a large current discharge. The cruising current of a battery car at 20km is generally 4A, which is higher than the working current of the battery in other fields, and the working current of Overspeed and overloaded electric vehicles is even greater. Have carried out 1C charge 70%, 2C discharge 60% cycle life test, can reach the charge and discharge cycle 400 times life of a lot of batteries, but the actual use of the effect is far from the same.

This is because high current operation increases the discharge depth by 50%, which accelerates battery vulcanization. In addition, the battery life of three-wheeled electric vehicles is shorter, because its body is too heavy, the working current is more than 6A, and electric vehicles a year charge and discharge cycle more than 300 times is very common, short-term charging, because electric vehicles are vehicles, charging time is not much, to complete 36 volts or 48 volts within 8 hours of 20 Amperes charging, This must improve the charging voltage (generally for a single section of 2.7~2.9 volts) when the charging voltage exceeds the single battery oxygen evolution voltage (2.35 volts) or hydrogen evolution voltage (2.42 volts), the battery will be due to excessive oxygen evolution and open valve exhaust, resulting in water loss, increase the concentration of electrolyte, battery vulcanization aggravation, the service life will be short.

UPS battery is different from the electric vehicle battery.

The battery for electric scooter is a sports battery also called power battery, suitable for continuous discharge and short time charging use, cheap, low service life. UPS power battery is energy storage industrial battery, is for the use of electric equipment energy storage, floating charge long-life battery, generally can be used for 3-5 years, the price is relatively expensive.

UPS batteries are not recommended for electric vehicles


To sum up, battery for electric scooter is required to fast discharge fast charging high current, outdoor environment to high temperature, low-temperature resistance. Generally low cost, short life, unstable performance. UPS battery is required for a small current to slow down the charge for more time to be floating charge. The working environment is a room with constant temperature and humidity. Generally, the cost is high, the life is long, the performance is stable, so it is not recommended to use in electric vehicles.

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