Market Prospect of Solar Power Generation combined with Energy Storage


With the development of battery technology, its manufacturing cost is also declining. The battery is widely used in power utilities and other commercial uses. The energy storage industry is developing at an alarming speed, and the international market is expanding rapidly with the demand of solar power generation.

In the past decade, the manufacturing cost of solar power generation equipment and energy storage battery has been continuously reduced and the power generation efficiency has been improved. In the past ten years, the manufacturing cost of related products has decreased by more than 90 percent. Two years ago, photovoltaic power generation industry in some parts of the world has entered the era of parity. Today, photovoltaic has become the cheapest energy in many parts of the world, and the cost of power generation in some areas is less than 2 cents per degree.

Low price energy supply may quickly replace the new demand of traditional energy, and may give birth to new electricity demand and forms, and its development speed may be far beyond our expectation. Once the energy is cheap enough, the causes that could not be promoted because of the high cost before, including the difficult pollution control, tailings extraction, seawater desalination, desert transformation and many other undertakings beyond the current imagination will become reality.

Countries are vigorously developing renewable energy power generation technology. Among all the low-carbon technology options, Irena released the ‘solar photovoltaic future outlook’ report, pointing out that only accelerating the deployment of solar photovoltaic can significantly reduce 49 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2050, which accounts for the total potential of energy sector to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 20 percent.

Development trend of energy storage industry in the future

At present, there are two hot areas in the solar energy storage industry, one is ‘solar power generation + energy storage’, the other is to install inverter and merge with urban power grid. Judging from the situation in recent years, almost all independent solar power stations have been or are adding energy storage battery systems. In particular, many power stations for household use or remote areas are equipped with energy storage battery system.

The combination of solar energy and energy storage is the future development trend of solar energy industry. Intermittency is a challenge for solar power technology. The combination of solar energy and energy storage can solve this problem. Make the output current of the power plant smoother, such as storing power during the day, so that the system can supply power at night. In the past, high-cost energy storage battery hindered the development of energy storage system. In recent years, with the reduction of lead-acid battery price, it provides a certain possibility for the establishment of large-scale ‘solar power generation + energy storage’ mode. In some countries and regions, some large utility scale photovoltaic power plants are increasing energy storage to provide stable power supply.

In summary, the solar power industry is developing rapidly in the world, and many countries have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop solar power generation technology. With the development of solar power generation technology and energy storage battery technology, the power cost of solar power generation is getting lower and lower. And because of the combination of solar power generation and energy storage battery system, the current output is more stable, so the selection of battery is also very important. Spaceflight Power plant has 12 automatic lead-acid battery production chains. The batteries are more stable and the production cycle is shorter. It is your first choice!

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