International Solar Power Market Size, Trend


Energy plays an important role in national economic development, especially in industrial development. At present, most countries in the world are fossil fuels (such as oil, coal and natural gas). With the continuous development of economy, all countries in the world are facing the problem of energy crisis. As non-renewable energy, traditional fossil energy, such as coal and oil, is facing the situation of decreasing. Therefore, all countries are actively developing and increasing the research and utilization of clean energy.

In addition, although electricity has been widely used all over the world, there are still a certain number of areas that have not been effectively supplied with electricity, and most of these people are concentrated in developing countries. Therefore, the development of clean energy plays an important role in energy supply and energy structure adjustment in developing countries and even in the world.

Characteristics of solar power generation

Solar power generation in renewable energy has the characteristics of no fuel consumption, clean and pollution-free, and has unique application advantages. It has become an important technology in the application of new energy in the world. It is an effective way to solve the energy crisis and has broad development prospects.

Therefore, solar power generation has developed rapidly all over the world in recent years. Solar power generation, wind power generation and hydropower generation are called the three new energy power combinations. Among them, the cost of hydropower generation is the lowest. However, seasonal and geographical resources are the main reasons for restricting hydropower generation. Wind power generation can not be applied in all aspects due to regional differences. Only solar photovoltaic power generation, with the implementation of the roof plan in recent years, can be distributed in all kinds of roofs, and can be widely used in various areas without any restrictions.

Moreover, compared with other renewable energy generation technologies, such as wind power generation and hydropower generation, the advantage of solar power generation in clean energy is less affected by seasonal and geographical factors. In recent years, solar power generation is universal and can be used by ordinary families.

Market of solar power generation

In recent years, extensive research on technologies and system balancing (BOS) based on a variety of solar energy storage cells has shown that solar power generation technology has developed rapidly, with lower cost and higher efficiency. The global solar energy development potential is huge. Considering the potential of this huge development space, if the technology continues to develop, the solar radiation received by the earth can meet the global energy demand in the future.

The market for solar power is huge. Solar power has attracted $160.8 billion in global investment, more than any other power industry technology (including renewable energy sources other than solar energy, fossil fuels and nuclear energy). In 2018, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in the world has exceeded 480GW ((Note: electricity units. W is watt. G is 1 billion, M is million, so 1GW = 1000MW)), and the annual newly installed capacity has exceeded 94GW. It is estimated that in 2030, the global PV installed capacity will reach 2.48tw, and the annual new installed capacity will reach 270GW. In 2050, the global PV installed capacity will reach 8.5tw, and the annual new installed capacity will reach 372GW.

In conclusion, due to the increasing demand for energy, the international development potential of solar power generation technology is huge. In recent years, the market has expanded rapidly, and the demand for solar power generation equipment, especially energy storage batteries, is growing. Spaceflight Power is a factory with more than 25 years of experience in the production of lead-acid batteries. With more than 500 employees and 12 automatic production lines, spaceflight power is the first choice for consumers due to quality problems and preferential prices.

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