EFB-70/H6( LN3) Start & Stop Battery
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A range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) designed to aid the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in vehicles fitted with standard idle Stop Start systems. The range includes DIN style maintenance free batteries for popular European vehicles, plus low maintenance flooded batteries for Asian manufactured vehicles.

Model: EFB-70/H6( LN3)
Capacity: 70Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 280×173×190×190mm
CCA: 740

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EFB-70/H6( LN3) Start & Stop Battery

General Features:
● 15% more cranking capacity
● 2× higher cycling endurance
● Durable grid design


Can you jumpstart a AGM battery?
No. The jump starter functions as an extension of the vehicle’s battery when used for jump starting.

Can you jump-start a car with a start/stop engine?
Yes, a car with a stop-start battery can be jump-started. Modern cars have more of these, so it’s advisable to first consult the manual. The majority of stop-start vehicles may, however, be jump-started using a conventional key ignition.

Can I replace an automotive EFB battery with an AGM?
You have two alternatives when dealing with an EFB battery: You may either install an AGM or replace it with another EFB. The latter can improve the automatic Start-Stop system’s effectiveness and lead to more fuel being used efficiently.

Can I replace my AGM car battery with a regular battery?
Did your car have a flooded lead acid battery when it was new? If so, you should consider upgrading to an AGM battery to take advantage of its more robust, maintenance-free construction. You have the option of switching back to a standard battery or replacing the dead AGM battery with another one.

How far can you discharge an AGM battery?
AGM offers a depth-of-discharge of 80%, while the flooded is specified at 50% DoD to achieve the same cycle life.

Do lead or AGM batteries last longer?
AGM batteries often have a longer lifespan than conventional lead acid batteries. AGM batteries live longer than flooded batteries while not in use because of their low self-discharge rates. AGM batteries can last up to seven years with proper care, although flooded batteries normally last three to five years.

Deep cycle batteries are made to be discharged and recharged, such as in an electric vehicle, golf cart, RV, or another similar device.

How do I revive my dead deep cycle battery?
Add distilled water and baking soda solution to each battery cell. Use a funnel to slowly move in this direction. Switch out the battery covers. The battery should be shaken for around 30 seconds.

Can a marine battery be used in a RV?
Marine batteries and RV batteries may typically be switched out. Just make sure your marine battery has a slower discharge rate and a bigger reserve capacity. Additionally, confirm that your marine battery has sufficient reserve to run your RV and all you need within it between charges.


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