EFB-60/H5(LN2) Start & Stop Battery
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A range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) designed to aid the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in vehicles fitted with standard idle Stop Start systems. The range includes DIN style maintenance free batteries for popular European vehicles, plus low maintenance flooded batteries for Asian manufactured vehicles.

Model: EFB-60/H5(LN2)
Capacity: 60Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 242×174×190×190mm
CCA: 700

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EFB-60/H5(LN2) Start & Stop Battery

General Features:
● 15% more cranking capacity
● 2× higher cycling endurance
● Durable grid design


How many 12 volt batteries can you run in parallel?
If you have two batteries connected in parallel, you will receive 12 volts and 1200 CCA. You can use your electronics for twice as long without having to recharge them if you have 2 times the current reserve.

How long can a battery stay on a trickle charger?
The amount of time a trickle charger may run varies greatly from brand to brand. You can keep some trickle chargers out for up to 48 hours or overnight. Electrical devices like this could short circuit if left unattended, which could result in a fire risk.

Which batteries are better for solar applications, Gel or AGM?
AGM batteries often permit greater discharge rates than Gel batteries. On battery spec sheets, AGM battery manufacturers typically list Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) ratings. The majority of solar or UPS applications are not compatible with the CCA rating; it is only applicable to high-current motors used to start engines.

Can I use deep cycle batteries for solar?
For off-grid or hybrid solar systems, deep-cycle batteries are preferred since they may be totally depleted and don’t sustain damage as quickly as standard batteries. For instance, a lead-acid battery’s usable life can only be extended by discharging it up to 50%.

How to know if my RV battery is dead?
To keep track of them while they’re in storage, it’s advised that you:
1. Check battery levels frequently — at least once a week
2. Make use of a battery-monitoring tool.
3. Disconnect the batteries from the RV, remove them, and put them away to recharge in a cool, dry location.
4. When not in use, plug your RV into shore power for at least 8 hours each week.

How long does it take to charge a 12v deep cycle battery?
15 to 20 hours for a 5 amp charging. 5 to 6 hours for a 10 amp charging. 3 to 5 hours for a 15 amp charging.

Can you jumpstart an AGM battery?
No. The jump starter serves as an extension of the vehicle’s battery when used for jump-starting.

Why would you need deep cycle marine batteries?
A boat may simply start and leave the dock with the help of a cranking battery. It keeps running and powers the electronics under any circumstances thanks to a deep-cycle (trolling) battery.

Will an old older alternator charge an AGM battery correctly?
It will primarily imply that the alternator charging mechanism is not properly set up to charge or utilize AGM batteries. Your AGM battery may be seriously harmed if the alternator is used to charge it. Your battery could be overcharged or undercharged.


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