What are the uses of generators?

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A portable power generator is a kind of gas or diesel power equipment that provides temporary power. The engine drives a small turbine, which in turn generates a certain wattage of usable electric energy. Users can directly plug electrical appliances or tools into the socket of the generator, or connect the generator to the sub-panel of the home professionally. In this article, we would introduce how does a portable power generator work and multiple uses of generators, therefore to explain the benefit of the portable power generator. 

what does it look like

What does a portable power generator look like

How does a portable power generator work?

Compared with fixed generators, portable power generators are not permanently installed, although they do have some common points. Both of them use an engine to provide enough mechanical power and then convert it into electrical energy by the generator head. These are the components of a portable power generator: internal combustion engine, alternator, starter, oil tank, and power socket. The greater the power of the internal combustion engine, the more power the portable power generator produces.

A portable power generator needs to be manually started. This engine is usually a 4-cycle engine. It provides mechanical energy to the head of the generator, which is accomplished by rotating the shaft. The rotation speed is regulated by a speed governor. Then the generator head converts mechanical energy into electric energy. This energy is then delivered to the power socket, where we can connect the generator to gadgets and appliances through the socket.

Put simply, the generator utilizes the mechanical power that a gas-powered engine produces and converts it into electrical energy. When the engine of the portable power generator works, it will turn on the alternator, which will generate electric energy. This helps us to have a power supply when there’s a power failure or no other power supply around us.

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How does a power generator work?

What are the uses of generators?

The convenience of having a portable power generator may be its greatest advantage, but it also has other advantages, including:

Emergency power supply

If your enterprise provides the necessary service, you can’t cut off power at all times, especially in the case of natural disasters. Portable power generators are the perfect equipment to keep the lights on and the machine running. At home, food waste is one of the major troubles in a power failure. A portable power generator help prevent waste because it can keep basic household appliances in working condition and save you money in the long run. This is the most common one of various uses of generators.

Recreational Uses

Portable power generators are an ideal choice for outdoor activity because of their convenient use. You can make use of a portable power generator for your family camping trip to keep meat and fish fresh by powering a mini-fridge or providing light in the evening. If you have a recreational vehicle, a portable power generator is a good investment, because it can make you feel comfortable at home no matter where you are. In addition, when going camping or long-distance travel, it is impossible if there is no work email or communication with colleagues. A portable power generator can eliminate the worry of long-distance travel because it can easily supply power to computers and tablets according to needs. Or, if you and your family just want to watch a movie in the tent for one night, a portable power generator is fully capable of doing this. However, the great use of portable power generators is not only for camping trips. The comfort and convenience provided by portable power generators can improve any outdoor activity. With a string of lights, a screen projector, or an inflatable house, you can upgrade the conventional backyard barbecue to seasonal activity. Or take your party to the beach or a park, bring all the electrical appliances, and enjoy the day comfortably. Recreational uses are becoming one of the most trendy uses of generators.

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Recreational uses of generators

Equipment power supply

In this age of science and technology, we rely on computers and tablet computers to do a lot of work. These electronic products are the necessities of our daily life. With a portable power generator, you can easily power computers, the lamp, and even the TV sets, so that you can comfortably weather any power failure. Similarly, if you live in areas vulnerable to storms, a portable power generator is a wise choice. With the emergency generator, you won’t have to go to a hotel to tide over the difficulties. On the contrary, you can stay in your own comfortable home, and even make sure that Robertson’s electrical appliances that are vital to your family-whether it’s a drainage pump or the garage door or an oven-will continue to work.

Power for Tools

Contractors working on site need to use electric tools, and a portable generator are the best and most convenient solution. In this case, the portable part of the generator comes in handy because it allows the generator to move relatively easily in multiple places. In addition, due to the portable power generator, it becomes easier to construct at night, and besides supplying power to tools, it can easily provide sufficient lighting for work.

Prevention of damage

When you are not at home, power failure or other electrical accidents can cause huge losses. The great thing about generators is that they can be programmed to start as soon as the power is cut off so that they can supply power almost seamlessly. Besides the obvious benefit of keeping the kitchen appliances running, so that you won’t go back to the refrigerator filled with rotten food, a portable power generator can also power the sewage pump to prevent you from going back to your flooded home. Or, it can keep your HVAC system running, so that your indoor air quality will not deteriorate while you are away. Keeping the HVAC system running has the added benefit of keeping your home away from mold and mold, especially if you live in damp places.

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Uses of generators: Prevention of damage


It is obvious that having a portable power generator has many advantages thanks to various uses of generators. It’s definitely an asset having one with you, especially when you live in a power outage-prone area.  It provides temporary power for emergencies situations and helps you clean up any necessary tasks before cutting off the power. They’re also great camping companions and are life-savers in emergency situations. However, with these benefits, you must follow the instructions on safety, correct use, and maintenance, so that your time with the generator would be smooth, efficient, convenient, and problem-free. 

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