Is Solar Panel Draining Battery at Night?

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Now is the evening, you realize that the solar panels need sunlight to power supply for your family. But is solar panel draining battery at night? In this article, we will explore whether this is true, and show you a tool to extend battery life and avoid solar panel reverses current.

Is Solar Panel Draining Battery at Night?

solar  battery

Firstly, we should discuss the cause of the solar battery. Every battery runs out sooner or later even rechargeable batteries. They are nothing more than a fuel source, should be charging and supplement.

In short, if the solar panels are set up correctly, they won’t run out of battery during the night. However, due to lack of sunlight, and the need for an electric power supply or recharge mobile phones (usually) at night, they will indeed get power.

How to prolong solar battery life?


Don’t charge the battery is usually much shorter than rechargeable battery life, so the latter is the better choice of off-grid solar panels device. Under the influence of some factors, the solar cell power consumption speed is faster than usual, so the understanding of the principle of operation of the battery is very important.

If you have solar cells and to extend the service life of them, here are some factors to consider.

First, try buying a battery that wasn’t manufactured six or eight months ago, because the longer a battery lives, the shorter its life will be. So be sure to purchase a freshly manufactured solar battery.

Before using solar cells, please make them full of electricity; Otherwise, you may face the risk of battery sulfating, and damage to the battery soon.

Make sure all your solar cells are in the same voltage so that they work properly. The result of mixed voltages is the fast dying of batteries.

In addition, please make sure that you correctly for solar battery, which means that you should check the battery amperage, and ensure that they are not too high for the battery. This can charge the battery faster, but it will lose its lifespan and cause the battery to die out twice as fast.

Install solar charge controller may help manage power in the battery. It can ensure that the battery in the daytime doesn’t overcharge, and controls the power supply, prevent solar panels, battery at night to run out of battery. This is a key part to prevent solar panel draining battery.

Solar Charge Controller

2-solar charge controller

It can prevent charging and can prevent over-voltage, this will reduce the performance and battery life, and could lead to a security risk. It can also prevent the battery to discharge completely discharge depth discharge or executive control depending on battery technology, to protect their life.

As a separate charge controller equipment is sold to consumers, usually combined with solar energy or wind turbines, such as car, boat battery storage systems, and networks. Some charge controller or solar controller has additional features, such as low voltage disconnect LVD, a separate circuit, when excessive battery discharge can reduce a load of some chemical can be damaged by excessive battery discharge the battery.

Solar Panel Reverse Current

3-solar panels

Reverse current occurs in the defective solar panels, electric current is applied in the wrong direction. All manufacturing solar panels will absorb a certain amount of reverse current without damage. Reverse current can only happen in the parallel module and the open-circuit voltage of a single string.

How to prevent reverse current?


By ensuring that the string length, the same can easily avoid solar panel draining battery. If there is a short circuit in one or more modules, the voltage of the open terminal is much lower than that of the open terminal of other parallel strings.

Fault string may be overheating and voltage on the module in this series. If only one string, then there is no risk of reverse current. If there is a series of connected solar cells or panels, it is best to use the bypass diode, even if the voltage is reduced, also can continue to supply. Here we have two ways to limit the reverse current in the solar panel.

First of all, there are a series of techniques, including all components must be as the reverse current generator short circuit current. Then we have a bunch of diodes and prevent reverse current single string series. Diode and generator series, with higher consumption. If the malfunction of the diode may lead to loss of security, even the entire string failure. Finally, we will also be so connected to a single string, their function is to limit the reverse current. Bunch of failure loss below the diode string of loss.


Is solar panel draining battery at night? Solar panels does not drain your battery at night. They should only draw strength from them, let them run smoothly. Emptying them will harm the solar photovoltaic system of the battery. You should always properly prepare in case of a malfunction. Please be sure to read the entire article, in case you need more information.

The solar charge controller is a manufacturer to prevent the battery overcharge and over-discharge of a kind of method, can extend battery life, make it longer, the better. They also limited the battery power supply speed, thus prolong the life of the battery.

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