How many types of UPS batteries?


As we all know, As we all know, There are many types of UPS batteries.

UPS is a kind of uninterruptible power supply with an energy storage device and inverter as the main component. Its main function is to provide an uninterrupted power supply for computers, computer network systems, or other power electronic equipment.

When the mains power input is normal, UPS will stabilize the mains power supply to provide the load for use. At this time, the UPS power supply is equivalent to an AC mains voltage regulator, and it also charges the battery in the machine; When the mains power is interrupted, UPS will immediately supply the power of the battery in the unit to the load by means of inverter conversion, so as to maintain the normal operation of the load and protect the software and hardware of the load from damage.

The main function of the battery in the UPS power supply system is to store electric energy. Once the power supply is interrupted, the battery is discharged to supply the inverter. The inverter transforms the DC power released by the battery into sinusoidal alternating current to maintain the UPS power output and ensure the normal power consumption of the load in a certain period of time.

How many types of UPS batteries?

The types of UPS batteries can be generally divided into valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, etc. The battery of the UPS power supply requires that the selected battery must have the characteristics of high current output in a short time.

The commonly used UPS batteries can be divided into lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, lithium batteries, etc.

1.Sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery

At present, the most commonly used lead-acid battery is a valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance free battery. The electrolyte is mainly composed of metal lead and sulfuric acid electrolyte. It is characterized by good sealing performance and relatively small volume. It is used as a UPS battery with high cost performance.

In addition, there are two types of maintenance free lead-acid batteries. One of them is open type liquid lead-acid batteries. The open type liquid lead-acid battery (also called a dry battery) needs to measure the specific gravity regularly, adding water and adding acid while using. If you choose this kind of battery, the installation environment needs to be paved with anti-corrosion bricks to prevent the acid gas from corroding the electrical equipment.

It should be noted that sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries do not need to be maintained like dry batteries. The sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries produced by Spaceflight Power are in line with the customers’ ideal.

2. Gel battery

As another common type of UPS battery, a colloidal battery is called a colloidal battery because of its colloidal electrolyte. The designed service life of the gel battery is longer than that of an ordinary lead-acid battery, and its performance is more stable, so its price is relatively high. Spaceflight Power as a gel battery supplier has rich experience in the production of sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries as well as gel batteries.

3. Lithium battery

Another kind of lithium battery, lithium battery does not contain lead, nickel, chromium, and other heavy metals, compared with an ordinary lead-acid battery, lithium battery has the characteristics of light weight, high energy storage, of course, the price is also very high. Compared with lead-acid battery and gel battery, the market of lithium battery as UPS battery is much less, because the price is too high and the performance price ratio is too low.

In summary, with the advent of the information age, the large-scale construction of data center, the rapid development of computers, and a large number of communication equipment and other electrical equipment, the UPS system as the core part to meet the power supply quality of the data center has been focused on by users. The battery is one of the most important components of the whole power supply system and is the “last barrier” of the whole power supply system. The sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery and gel battery has the characteristics of high cost performance in different types of UPS batteries. Spaceflight power has 12 automatic production lines, which can be used for ma

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