How to tell if UPS battery needs replacing


Compared with online UPS, back-up UPS has different functions and configurations.

Back-up UPS ( uninterruptible power system / uninterruptible power supply) connects the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance free battery) with the host. It is the system equipment that converts DC power into utility power through module circuits such as host inverter.

Nowadays, UPS is used more and more in the equipment. In terms of ensuring the continuity and security of power supply, it always plays an important role in security protection.

What is UPS battery and what is its relationship with UPS power supply

UPS is power supply, lead-acid battery is battery, UPS is composed of UPS host system and battery. There is no built-in battery in the UPS power supply. The battery of UPS power supply must be assisted by battery to realize the delay function.

As we all know, UPS power supply has always been the top priority of our instruments and equipment, and battery is an important part of UPS. As the last guarantee of UPS power supply, the quality of battery is directly related to whether our equipment can be used normally. We are using UPS power supply, and we seldom pay attention to UPS power supply in normal maintenance. Some industries do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of UPS power system, and the maintenance quality will directly affect the overall reliability of UPS power supply.

And because the UPS battery is installed in the cabinet, it is more troublesome to check. For the UPS battery replacement cycle and replacement method, Spaceflight power will explain the relevant knowledge to you.

How to tell if UPS battery needs replacing?

The service life of UPS battery depends on the operating environment, maintenance and maintenance. If low efficiency, insufficient capacity, poor operating environment, such as high temperature, too large ash layer, humidity and so on, the service life of UPS battery will be shortened. If the maintenance is not in place, the service life of UPS will be shortened.

Storage battery is an important part of UPS power supply system, which plays an important role in filtering, stabilizing voltage and providing backup power supply. At present, the maintenance free valve regulated lean acid lead-acid batteries are mostly used in UPS power supply system. The advantage of this kind of batteries is that there is no need to supplement electrolyte in use, which are usually divided into AGM and gel batteries. Spaceflight power has both kinds of batteries, and both of them are automatic production. It can ensure stable production time and quality.

The service life of UPS battery is generally 3-20 years. Under the condition of reasonable use and maintenance every month, the service life of the battery will be longer. Next, let’s talk about how to judge the need for battery replacement.

If there is a problem with the UPS power supply, after checking and eliminating the equipment failure, the problem is still not solved, it is necessary to consider whether it is a battery problem. At this time, we need to fully charge the battery, check whether the input AC and DC lines are in good contact, and check the UPS startup circuit. If it still doesn’t solve the problem, the battery will have to be replaced.

Therefore, during UPS operation, the terminal voltage value, floating charge current value, voltage value of each battery, ground resistance and insulation state of battery pack and DC bus should be monitored.

About the UPS battery quality

It is worth noting that there are many counterfeit batteries in the battery supply market. The price of these counterfeit batteries is low, but the quality is not guaranteed and the safety is unknown. Safety accidents caused by battery failure are also emerging in endlessly.

The valve regulated maintenance free lead-acid battery for UPS battery will not produce any gas in normal use due to its absorption electrolyte system. However, if the battery is overcharged due to improper use, gas may be generated. At this time, the internal pressure of the battery will increase, and the pressure valve on the battery will be pushed open, resulting in bad consequences. So it is very important to equip UPS with good quality. Spaceflight power has strict quality requirements and its UPS battery is worthy of your trust. Our factory has its own brand and has markets all over the world, such as DYVINITY; LEOPARD; GULFSTAR and so on.


The battery is not only an important part of the UPS system, but also a vulnerable part because it is in an important part. As the battery is relatively stable and static most of the time, it is easy for users and investors to relax their attention on it, which will lead to the decline of battery performance, the reduction of service life and the increase of equipment safety risks. It is hoped that battery users and investors can pay more attention to battery service life maintenance.

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