How the summer heat will have an effect on your start stop car battery

start stop car battery


The dog days of summer are in full swing, which suggests heat-related begin and stop lead-acid battery problems become much more common. Don’t let the warmth cause harm to your start stop car battery

Efficient battery is a essential for the operation of the automotive. That’s meaning the temperature conditions have a serious impact on how start stop car battery performs. Wherever you would possibly suppose that solely atmospheric condition affects the batteries, you would possibly be shocked to understand that prime temperatures have a sway on the start stop car battery’s life. Here’s what you would like to understand concerning however the summer heat will have an effect on a start stop car battery.

What are some common start stop car battery issues that occur if they get high temperature?

Owing to lead acid battery with absorb high heat characteristic, chemical activity in the battery run rapidly. Every 18°F (10°C) increase from 77°F (25°C), the lifespan will be reduced at a rate of 55% .When the design life of a battery is around four(4) years at 77°F (25°C), and the battery may be spent its lifespan at 95°F (35°C), then its final lifespan would be one years. Therefore, this dramatic reduction in delivered lifespan will be cause older batteries to suddenly die in high temperature due to the accelerated failure rate occurs without any warnings.

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What happens to an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery in extreme heat?

Lead-calcium AGM battery is just like lead-acid flooded batteries as each have continuous grid corrosion and this issue is inflated because of warmth. Thin Plate Pure Lead AGM batteries don’t have this continuous galvanic grid corrosion then it’s a style lifetime of three to five years. High heat has abundant less impact on deteriorating the grids due to the grids solely have one primary material being pure lead a minimum of ninety-nine. 9996%.Even if all lead-acid batteries life is tormented by high heat, however, voyage power AGM lead-acid battery style life is doubly that of lead-acid automotive batteries and can continuously supply doubly the life.

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Are there any suggestions for the battery charging within the summer?

While batteries will operate over an oversized temperature vary, albeit at differing levels of potency, once the start stop car battery involves charging you’ve got to be paid a lot of attention to wherever temperature conditions area unit involved. As a typical rule, batteries ought to be charged in a setting that’s between fifty and eighty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

If you would like to charge the batteries, it’s suggested to allow them to come back to temperature before you are doing any charging. As a typical rule, permit the battery to chill for a minimum of seven hours before charging.

Additionally, do bear in mind that your battery can heat up throughout charging. As presently as they need to be reached full charge, take away them and allow them to cool before golf stroke them back within the automotive. Hot batteries will warp the lead plates and cause the battery cells to short out, which may need to do replaced for the batteries.

A few warming tips to help maintain batteries in the summer

Inspect your battery:

Don’t wait till you’re stranded on the aspect of the road to own the general health of your start stop car battery checked. Having your battery checked for winter wear and tear will mean all the distinctions between the most effective road trip and also the worst. Examine the brackets to create certain they secure the battery adequately and tighten any loose cables — loose brackets shorten the lifetime of the battery and might harm different elements. As well, if the brackets or trays area unit is heavily unsound, they ought to get replaced.

Check the battery case:

Make a visible review of the skin of your battery case. Is it bulging, cracked, or overflowed fluid? If therefore, it must get replaced forthwith. Whereas you’re wanting, check to envision if your battery is that the older sort with removable filler caps on high. If it is, the weather will create the battery fluid within evaporating quicker. A decent plan is to own your recent battery replaced before summer driving with a maintenance-free, superior flush-top battery.

Don’t leave your car unused for long periods:

Leaving your car unused for a prolonged period of time can lead to a flat battery.  Batteries tend to slowly self-discharge, and most cars will also draw a small amount of power when they are switched off.  

This will discharge the battery and can lead to sulphation which shortens your battery’s service life. If you are not going to use your car for an extended period, connecting a multistage battery charger will keep your battery charged and ready for use.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Keep the battery surface clean and dry for a protracted time. Please park the automotive in an exceedingly cool, aerated, and dry place. Exposure to the sun and rain area unit prohibited.

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What maintenance must you perform on your battery post-summer?

Load testing is that the handiest thanks to examining your battery to understand its standing. it’s why most automotive service centers embody battery testing as a part of their automotive review.


There’s absolute confidence that summer heat effects start stop car battery. If you drive on an everyday basis, perform battery checks daily, particularly throughout the summer months. Contact voyage power to find out a lot concerning correct start stop car battery look after each season.

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