lead acid battery vs lithium ion battery – why lead acid battery is better?


Lead acid battery vs lithium ion battery, both are the most common batteries in our daily life. They are widely used and closely related to our life. However, compared with these two types of batteries, lead acid batteries still occupy the vast majority of the electric vehicle industry market, but why lithium batteries can’t replace lead-acid batteries? It can be discussed in the following aspects:

1. lead acid battery vs lithium ion battery Safety

So far, there have been a number of battery explosions and fires in electric vehicles in China. Most of which are caused by lithium batteries. Although lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than lead acid batteries, there are still many safety problems to be solved. Once the lithium battery fails in heat, the whole battery pack will be in a dangerous state. Lead acid batteries, by contrast, have few thermal failures (especially during discharge) and cause no safety problems even if the battery is bulging. People may tend to buy lead acid battery more, during lead acid battery vs lithium ion battery

2. Price Difference

From the perspective of price, the cost performance of lithium battery is low, while that of lead-acid battery is relatively high. The lithium battery of the same specification is double that of lead-acid battery.

3. Trends

Due to the arrival of the new national standard, the weight of the electric vehicle has been stipulated, but there is no restriction on the weight of the whole vehicle so that many lithium battery electric vehicle manufacturers begin to replace the lithium batteries with lead-acid batteries.

4. Recovery System

China’s lead-acid battery is gradually established a set of production, sales and recycling industry chain. The recovery rate of lead acid batteries is high, but that of lithium batteries is low. Besides, transportation of lithium batteries is of high risk.

5. Repairable

At present, China’s lead acid battery repair technology has been quite mature and repair price is quite low compared with a new battery. After repair, the lead acid battery can reach 80% of its normal capacity and can be guaranteed for two years. In contrast, the lithium battery repair rate is too low to require professional repair, but only a small part of the repair. During the battery battle campaign got started and we

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are not quite which type is better from the topic lead acid battery vs lithium ion battery

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