AGM-70/H6 (LN3) Start & Stop Battery
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A range of premium batteries incorporating Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) technology that combines to deliver superior starting power, extreme cycle life and discharge capability in advanced idle Stop Start systems.

Model: AGM-70/H6 (LN3)
Capacity: 70Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 280×173×190×190mm
CCA: 880

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AGM-70/H6 (LN3) Start & Stop Battery

General Features:
● Superior Starting power
● Increased cranking capacity
● Higher cycling endurance
● Deep discharge capability


What is the Price of a Honda Battery?
Depending on the kind of battery your particular model needs, a Honda battery typically costs $75 to $200. If the battery is proven to be damaged, the Honda battery guarantee covers free replacement and installation for the first 36 months.

What is the difference between VRLA and AGM batteries?
The chemistry of VRLA cells is the same, but the electrolyte is immobilized. The electrolyte of gel batteries, sometimes known as “gel cells,” is produced as a paste-like gel by adding silica and other gelling agents to the electrolyte, as opposed to the AGM, which achieves this using a fiberglass mat.

At what percentage should a car battery be replaced?
12.5 volts or more at 80 degrees Fahrenheit indicates that your battery is fully charged. A battery is around 75% charged at 12.3 volts. Your battery is less than 25% charged if the voltage reading is 11.8 volts or less.

What should car battery voltage be after sitting overnight?
The ideal resting voltage should not fall below 12.6V. Keep in mind that a battery is only 50% charged when it falls below 12.2 volts, and is considered drained below that point.

How can you jumpstart a dead battery?
Switch off the engines of both vehicles. Clamp the positive cable’s first end to the positive clamp on the dead battery. Now have a buddy attach the other end of that cable to the positive clamp of the other battery. Next, attach the negative cable to the good battery’s negative terminal.

How many volts should a car battery lose overnight
As you can see, a voltage of 12.1V indicates that your battery is only using 50% of its full charge. You will experience a significant decrease in performance if your battery dips to 11.9V or less. The battery is almost totally depleted after it drops to 11.6V.

If the car battery completely dies, can you still jump your car?
Jumping a dead automobile battery is perfectly safe as long as you take all necessary safety measures. Here are a few safety precautions you ought to take: Connect the jumper cables after turning off the engines of both vehicles. Always start by plugging the cords into the dead battery.

Why is a battery used to start a car?
The Pounding You Need To Ride On
After all, your automobile won’t start without a battery. The zap of energy required to activate electrical components is provided by your car battery. Along with providing voltage to your car’s starter, it also transforms chemical energy into the electrical energy that runs your vehicle.

Can AGM batteries explode?
The basic truth is that an AGM battery can and will initiate a self-sustaining internal heating process (thermal runaway) under the correct circumstances, which can result in catastrophic failure with the danger of fire and explosion.

How long do AGM car batteries last?
In general, we can state that an AGM battery has a two- to three times longer lifespan than a flooded battery. If a flooded battery in the commuter car example we used lasts three to five years, an AGM battery may last six to ten years or even longer.

How often do AGM batteries need to be replaced?
Around three to four years
Depending on how often you use it, an AGM battery with regular maintenance typically lasts three to four years. The duration of the battery life is also influenced by how often you drive your car.

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