HT2-400 AGM VRLA Battery (2V Series)
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Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 100Ah to 3000Ah
Designed Service Life: 12-15years (Designed floating service life at 25℃)

Long Life Battery is a general purpose battery with 20 years design life in float service. With heavy duty grids, thicker plates, special additives and updated AGM valve regulated technology, the RL series
battery provides consistent performance and long service life. The new grid design effectively reduces the internal resistance, which provides higher specific energy density and excellent high rate discharge characteristics. It is suitable for communications back-up power and EPS/UPS applications .

Model: HT2-400
Capacity: 400Ah
Volt: 2V
Size: 211×175×332×332 mm

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HT2-400 AGM VRLA Battery

General Features:
● Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
● Special alloy grids
● Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
● Low Self-discharge
● Oxygen recombination efficiency rate: >=98%
● Solid Copper Terminals


What is a 2A battery?
Discharge rates for batteries are frequently expressed in terms of C, where C is the battery’s capacity divided by hours. For a 2Ah battery, C is 2A, for instance. The maximum current is 20 amps if the battery’s maximum discharge rate is 10C.

What are 2V batteries used for?
In telecommunications, electrical sub-facilities, off-grid solar applications, nuclear power-producing stations, huge UPS installations, etc., these battery banks are typically built as a battery backup. For systems like 48v, 110v, and 220v, stationary 2V cells are connected in series to create a higher voltage.

What is an AGM 2 battery?
Three significant technological advancements—super high-grade materials, a refined chemical formula, and Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology—are combined in one cell by the innovative Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery architecture known as AGM2.


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