HTD12-90 Deep Cycle Battery GFM
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Voltage: 6V, 12V,
Capacity: 7 Ah to 3000 Ah
Designed floating service life: 12 years at 20℃/68℉
More than 1000 cycles at 30% DOD; 350 cycles at 80% DOD

DCS series deep cycle battery, with strongl high-tin corrosion-resistant alloy and optimized positive grid structure design, and special negative active material formula, improve the charge acceptance ability, reduce the negative plate sulphation, more suitable for the partial state of charge (PSOC) application, it can be widely used in household energy storage system.

Model: HTD12-90
Capacity: 90Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 307×169×208×227 mm

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HTD12-90 Deep Cycle Battery

General Features:
● Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
● Special alloy grids
● For longer cycle life: special paste formula, over-dimensioned negative plate, optimized manufacturing process, additives for deep discharge
● Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
● Low Self-discharge
● Oxygen recombination efficiency rate: >=98%
● Solid Copper Terminals
● ABS material: increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)

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