HTF12-200 Telecom Battery (Front Terminal Series) GFM
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Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 55Ah to 200Ah
Designed floating service life: 10 ~ 15 years at 20℃/68℉

FT (Front Terminal) Series is specially designed for telecom use with 10+ years design life in float service. By adopting a new AGM separator and centralised venting system, the battery can be installed in any position while maintaining high relaibility. The dimensions of the FT series is designed for 19" and 23" cabinet installation. It is suitable for UPS/EPS applications.

Model: HTF12-200
Capacity: 200Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 561×125×317×323 mm

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HTF12-200 Telecom Battery

General Features:
● Specifically ideal for 19 inch or 23 inch power cabinets.
● Specifically ideal for 19 inch or 23 inch power cabinets.
● Front terminals make the installation, maintenance and supervision easy
● Shield designs protect terminals from short circuit and show a good appearance
● Unique vent valve design: reduce water loss and prevent air/spark from going inside
● Thick plates, a special formula of paste and plate making process for a long service life
● ABS material: increase the strength of the battery container (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)


What is front terminal battery?
The front terminal AGM battery uses a thickened 3D curved plate with a specific paste formulation and the most recent AGM baffle technology. It is intended for telecommunications applications and has a floating charge life of up to 12 years.

What does terminal mean in battery?
Positive. The opposite of negative, indicating or referring to an electrical potential. A battery terminal or location with a higher overall electrical potential. When a battery is discharged, electrons move to the positive battery terminal.

What are the names of the terminals on a battery?
There are two terminals on every battery:
The terminal toward which electrons go when attached to a device is referred to as the “positive terminal.” Typically denoted by the color red and/or the symbol “+.”
The terminal from which electrons flow when attached to a device is called the “negative terminal.”

What is 2C charge rate?
C-rates represent the rate of discharge (or charge) in relation to the battery’s capacity. The amount of current that would appear to use up the battery’s rated ampere-hours in an hour is known as a 1C discharge. That current is doubled at a 2C rate. That current is halved at a 0.5C pace.

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