Things You Should Know About Lead Acid Battery Recycling and the Environment

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There has been a vast increase within the demand for batteries, yet as associate evolution and history of the battery. This demand stems from the very fact that billions of people carry electronics that consume electricity. These electronics include cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras. Batteries power our toys and gadgets by changing energy into power. The other ends of electric battery, referred to as the anode and therefore the cathode, generate associate electrical device that conducts power to associate device.

Once this electrical device is depleted, batteries ought to be safely disposed, however lead acid battery recycling seems to be a problem. Every battery contains venturous, harmful and corrosive materials like mercury, cadmium, lithium, and lead. If you’re speculative what adverse effects batteries will wear our surroundings, here square measure five facts you ought to realize batteries and our surroundings.

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Improperly Disposed Batteries Contribute to Water and Pollution.

When depleted batteries square measure tossed into the trash, they find themselves in landfills wherever they decay and leak. As batteries corrode, their chemicals soak into soil and contaminate groundwater and surface water. Our ecosystems that contain thousands of aquatic plants and animals, square measure compromised once crammed with battery chemicals. This suggests that once we drink from water taps, we have a tendency to may well be ingesting dangerous metals. Did you also know that improperly disposed lithium batteries can be very unstable? Lithium batteries can cause landfill fires that can smolder for many years. As a result, the harmful chemicals free into the air negatively have an effect on our respiration and contribute to warming. The vaporized kind of improperly exposed batteries additionally gets cornered within the atmosphere and pollutes lakes and streams within the kind of rain.

Improperly Disposed Batteries Has A Negative Effect on Human Health

Exposing the surroundings to steer and powerful corrosive acids found in batteries will cause burns and dangers to our eyes and skin. According to the Agency for harmful Substance & sickness written account, harmful metals like nickel and metal found in batteries square measure renowned human carcinogens. Carcinogens square measure any substance, radiation, or radionuclide that acts as associate agent that causes cancer. Once these agents move with our air and water, we have a tendency to risk developing cancerous disabilities. Another harmful metal which will be found in batteries is lead, which has been connected to severe medical problems like biological process & medicine harm and non-inheritable disabilities. In 1996, the government introduced legislation that illegal Mercury from use in batteries due to its extremely harmful nature, particularly in vapor type. Because of this new law, folks will currently use smaller batteries, like single-use basic batteries, without concern of toxic condition.


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Lead Acid Battery Recycling is Simple.

Recycle volitionally take your batteries associated recycle them on your behalf as an act of public service. Doing away with automobile batteries, that square measure generally composed of lead acid materials, will be as easy as taking it all the way down to associate automotive store and dropping it off. Even cellular phone carriers and makers enable you to mail your phone away to be properly recycled. Did you know that before the 1996 ban on mercury use in single-use alkaline batteries, proper lead acid battery recycling procedures were mandatory.

Rechargeable Batteries Consume Less Natural Resources.

Did you recognize that reversible batteries consume less nonrenewable natural resources overall than disposable batteries? One vast positive of rechargeable batteries is that because of their ability to recharge, fewer batteries square measure required to produce an equivalent quantity of energy. This interprets to fewer resources being consumed throughout the producing method. Another good thing about rechargeable batteries over disposable batteries is that the price savings. Rechargeable batteries save the patron cash because of its reusability.

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How to Recycle Old Lead Acid Batteries?

Not solely do you have to recycle batteries in your physical science, you ought to recycle previous automobile batteries too. The great news is lead acid battery recycling is simpler than different kinds of batteries and should prevent some cash. If you intend on buying a brand new battery from an equivalent distributer, you will be ready to cash in of a store credit known as a Core Charge.

A core charge could be a deposit you pay on a brand new lead-acid accumulator at the time of purchase. Once your lead-acid accumulator dies, you’ll be able to bring it back to the automobile distributer and find a refund of your deposit. You’ll be able to then use this sediment to buy a brand new lead-acid accumulator. If your native automobile distributer offers core charges, ensure to bring your previous lead-acid accumulator back to the shop with a receipt.

If you aren’t ready to notice any automobile retailers which will settle for your used lead-acid accumulator, there square measure alternative choices. AAA’s Battery Roundup is a happening command per annum on Earth Day that encourages automobile house owners to recycle their previous batteries. Native offices establish assortment locations and supply free battery checks. You’ll be able to additionally look for a drop-off facility to envision if they settle for previous automobile batteries.

Before recycling your lead-acid accumulator, ensure it’s wrapped in thick plastic that the battery’s chemicals won’t get out.


In the twentieth century, gas and lead-based paints were extensively disseminated within the surroundings. These days those sources have for the most part been eliminated. In step with the planet Health Organization (WHO), these days around eighty fifth of the world’s lead consumption is for the assembly of lead-acid batteries. The great news is that lead-acid batteries square measure 99% reusable. However, lead exposure will still crop up throughout the mining and process of the lead, yet as throughout the recycling steps. Because the demand for batteries is growing, improper lead acid battery recycling continues to negatively have an effect on the surroundings and human health. If you want to live in a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come, recycle your used batteries.

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