Can Golf Buggy get rained on?

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Every year, different cities have corresponding rainy seasons. Although romantic and beautiful, driving a golf buggy can be a bit more difficult. Although it is difficult to drive with too much rain, you can drive safely by mastering the following driving methods and avoid rainy season risks.

Do not drive with heavy water

Do not drive blindly in places with heavy water and potholes. Even if you rely on years of driving experience, do not travel easily, because you cannot actually understand the depth of the potholes. If you drive blindly, it is easy to roll over and cause damage to the fuselage. Although the golf buggy does not have an engine, however, the battery unit also has a maximum wading depth limit. If this limit is exceeded, the golf buggy is likely to enter water and damage some important parts.

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There must be obstructions when parking

It rains frequently in the rainy season. Try not to park the electric golf buggy outside exposed places, so as to avoid long-term rain damage the machine parts and even corrode the fuselage. Many people know that the paint of the golf buggy itself is sun-proof, but for a long time exposure to the sun will also affect the brightness of the paint, especially for open-top golf buggy. If the interior is flooded, the consequences will be more serious.

Don’t brake hard

The road is cunning in the rainy season. If there are many corners, try not to slam the brakes, it is easy to overturn the cart, try to slow down the driving speed, early deceleration is a good way to deal with it. If you feel that the road is not suitable for driving, don’t be blindly confident. Traveling in the rainy season requires in-depth consideration. After years of development, golf buggy are now made of lightweight bodies. This is not a good for drivers. Many people are accustomed to driving. No, the frequent sudden braking is also a test for the strength of the body of the golf buggy, but everyone should not worry too much. The advancement of science and technology has already made up for this shortcoming.

Don’t charge on rainy days

Do not charge the golf buggy when it is raining. If the battery gets into the water, it is difficult to deal with it. If water enters the battery during driving, it should be wiped dry in time, and can be charged after drying. Charging in rain will bring greater safety hazards, because the surface of the cart body will be wet and the possibility of leakage will increase, so we are better to be cautious and never put ourselves in danger because of some negligence.

Although it is inconvenient to travel during the rainy season, many places definitely need to use golf buggy. In this case, we can only drive as safely as possible to minimize the adverse effects of rain on the golf car. In the rainy season, it’s a test for the driver, so try to choose your own driver to control and drive, which can effectively avoid accidents and reduce personal injuries.

Your wet golf buggy wont run: Whats happening?

When your wet golf buggy would not run no matter what you do, there are a handful of possible problems that may be impacting its operation.

These include water getting into your fuel, water shorting out your battery connections, water getting into your F/R switch, dirt getting into various lines of the cart, and much more.

All of these issues can occur at any time when your cart gets wet, though they are more likely if you are not careful about how wet your cart gets.

Remember: A wet cart is not automatically a damaged cart and operational problems are not an automatic concern just because a little water gets on the side of your cart.

That said, sustained exposure to water will almost always cause some problems with your cart and need to be taken as seriously as possible.

What to do if the golf buggy enters water:

1. The battery is charged after being soaked in water and dried.

Golf buggy generally take waterproof measures, so it does not matter if the cart is generally wet by rain, but this does not mean that the golf buggy can “walk” in the water at will. If the battery of the golf buggy is wet by rain, do not charge it immediately, and be sure to dry the car in a ventilated place before charging.

6V200AH 2
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2. The controller is easy to be short-circuited and out of control when it is immersed in water

Water in the controller of the golf buggy can easily cause the motor to reverse. If the cart is severely soaked, you can remove the controller to wipe off the accumulated water inside, dry it with a hair dryer and then install it. It is easy to wrap the controller with plastic to increase the waterproof ability.

3. The golf buggy wades driving, the water resistance is very large, and it is easy to cause loss of balance.

When driving on the water section, if it encounters a manhole cover opened by the current, it is very dangerous. Therefore, encounter water for road sections, it is best to slow down.


When driving a golf buggy in the rain, we shall check before driving, slowdown in the rain and maintain immediately after rain.

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