Can you use deep cycle golf cart battery in a golf cart?



A deep cycle golf cart battery is a lead acid battery designed to provide maximum discharge in the form of daily output. A golf cart is a vehicle used on a golf course. Thanks to current upgrades, electric golf carts are more popular than older gasoline cars.

The question now is what type of battery should be used in the golf cart for maximum efficiency!

Deep cycle golf cart batteries are made using heavy panels with high concentrations of active chemicals. As a result, deep cycle batteries can withstand continuous charge and discharge cycles. So they can give us more than four-fifths of their total power output.

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Why use deep cycle golf cart battery instead of regular golf-cart battery?

As I said before, deep cycling uses highly concentrated panels made up of highly reactive compounds. As a result, these plates are solid rock that is not susceptible to decay even when most of their capacity is used up. Regular golf cart panels, on the other hand, are spongy. As a result, they decay and are easily exhausted.

Regular golf cart batteries are good for generating quick bursts of power, while deep cycle golf cart battery last longer, resulting in low and continuous power release. The 12 volt deep cycle golf cart battery is equivalent to the use of some 6 volt golf cart batteries.

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What are the other types of deep-cycle batteries? Are there any?

Starter battery and deep cycle golf cart battery are commonly used as normal golf cart batteries.

Starting Batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries

Starter batteries or golf cart batteries are designed to provide sudden bursts of power, which are used to provide the maximum for limited time. The output time can be measured according to the voltage potential of the battery. Golf cart batteries work in the same way as useful deep cycle batteries; However, some measures have been taken to reduce the cost of batteries.

Deep cycle batteries are devices designed for continuous discharge. These batteries are fully charged and then discharge slowly and steadily until more than 80% of their capacity is discharged. The working principle of the golf cart battery is the same as the right deep cycle battery; However, some measures have been taken to reduce the cost of batteries.

Now let’s look at the similarities and differences between deep cycle batteries and golf cart batteries:

PropertiesStarting BatteriesDeep-Cycle BatteriesComment
Power OutputA sudden burst of power outputSlow discharge of power outputDeep cycle battery powered golf carts are slower than starting batteries
Battery StructureHigher surface area and internal resistance is lowLow surface area, high internal resistanceThis is the main structural difference.
Deep-Cycle PropertyDoes not allow deep cyclingAllows deep-cycling.Resulting in power differences in golf carts.
Temperature FactorYou can raise the temperature to more than 90 degrees FahrenheitIt’s hard to get the temperature above 90 degrees FahrenheitThe higher the temperature, the higher the efficiency of the battery.
Maximum Current OutputProvides current output in excess of 600 amperes.Average amperage output is around 500 Amperes.Ordinary golf cart batteries provide more ampere output.
Cell StructureConsists of a number of spongy sheetsConsists of few thick and robust platesThis battery structure changes the depth cycle ability of the battery.
Chemical ComponentsBoth batteries are made of Lead-acids. Therefore, they are similar in structure and function. Although there are huge differences in efficiency.

Can you use regular deep cycle batteries in a golf cart?

Although deep cycle batteries have much less power output than regular golf cart batteries, they can still be used in golf carts. The main reason is that the power output and construction of the deep cycle battery roughly meet the minimum requirements required for golf cart operation. Golf carts run on deep cycle batteries won’t be as fast as typical golf carts.

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Some Other Facts:

1. Deep-cycle batteries discharge just as much as the common golf cart batteries do. However, deep cycle batteries can last longer due to their recharging design.

2. The current output of a typical golf cart battery is three times that of a deep cycle battery, even though there are more batteries in the deep cycle battery. Therefore, if we look at the combined power output of the two batteries, we see that the output potential of the deep cycle battery is lower than that of a standard golf cart battery.

3. Moreover, to run the golf cart, the battery must release a lot of heat in the process. Therefore, the higher the temperature of the battery, the higher its efficiency. Because deep cycle golf cart battery cannot raise the temperature more than 90 degrees, they are less efficient than golf cart batteries.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, deep cycle golf cart battery can still be used in golf carts, even though they are less productive than standard golf cart batteries. However, they are better suited to driving small boats than golf carts.

Deep cycle golf cart batteries should not be used as a replacement for starter batteries.

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