How to Store the Forklift Battery


The coronavirus crisis is making large amounts of disruption for business and society everywhere around the globe. Corporations will subsume high levels of employee absence, reduced demand for services and product and even necessary shutdowns in some countries. This article will show us how to store forklift battery under this the coronavirus crisis background where many corporations are also facing business slowdown.

What Is Forklift Battery?

Forklift battery as an on the spot current power provide for self-propelled vehicle trucks, tractors, haulers, underground mining locomotives and different instrumentation, wide utilized in airports, stations, ports, vegetable and fruit markets and industrial and mining enterprise warehouses and different places. forklift battery refers to the battery used for self-propelled vehicle trucks. That is, the battery within the battery of the electrical self-propelled vehicle. And battery could be a reasonably battery, its role is to be able to store restricted electrical energy, within the acceptable place to use. It works by changing energy into current. Forklift batteries are best not place horizontally, as a result of the within of the battery is mostly twenty two to twenty eighth dilute acid. Battery is place solution will drown plate and left a touch house if the battery laid-down there’ll be a region of the plate conductor exposed to air, this is often terribly dangerous for battery plate, and therefore the general observation hole or the highest of the battery cells are vent communicates with the surface world, that the battery solution askew is straightforward to effuse.

Forklift battery

(Forklift battery)

How to Store the Forklift Battery?

But does one savvy to stay the self-propelled vehicle battery in storage? Here are a number of the foremost necessary rules to follow if you would like to store your self-propelled vehicle batteries unused for long periods:

1. Certify that your batteries are totally charged before storing them.

If you would like to store spare batteries over long periods, certify they’re totally charged 1st. This helps stop acid, which may be troublesome and dear to mend and seriously affects your forklift battery’s performance and lifelong.

2. Store the self-propelled vehicle batteries in an exceedingly dry, frost-free setting.

It may be obtaining hotter across the country as spring approaches. However, temperatures should still dip below zero in sure regions, particularly nightlong. Continually certify your batteries are unbroken inside, aloof from wetness or frost to make sure their sensible performance in future.

3. If the batteries are still within the trucks, disconnect them.

Even once your truck is not turned on, if electric battery is connected to the truck it’ll still slowly discharge over time because it could also be below a ‘parasitic load’. Once this happens, you may notice that your batteries ar fully discharged once it is time to begin work once more. If you want to keep your unused batteries mounted on trucks, disconnect them.

4. Refresh charging the batteries once a month.

Even if you’re expecting that your batteries will not be used for an extended time, you ought to still refresh charge them once a month. This ensures that they’re going to be totally charged and prepared to travel once you want them once more. If you’re storing them in charger racks, keep the batteries connected to the chargers. The charger is programmed to mechanically refresh charge the batteries once required, ensuring they’ll be totally operational once business resumes.

Forklift battery charging 1

(Forklift charging)

This health crisis is making disruption for everybody, and it’s having a significant result on business. Recovery might take time, however if you follow these basic battery care rules whereas your batteries are out of use, you can be able to a minimum of be assured that they’ll be able to perform once you want them once more.

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What Are Forklift Battery Charging Do’s and Don’ts


1. Recharge the Forklift Battery once It Reaches 20-30%.

When your forklift’s battery hits the red zone (only two hundredth charge remaining) discontinue victimization that battery promptly continued to use electric battery past two hundredth negatively affects its period. Also, deep-discharging will cause electrical parts to overheat and injury your carry truck.

2. Continually permit Your Forklift Battery to Charge fully.

A battery includes a restricted variety of charges in it, around 1,500, and doesn’t distinguish between half-charging or full charging.

3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures.

Battery life is reduced by the maximum amount as 50% once the close temperature reaches ninety two degrees. At the opposite finish of the spectrum, battery performance drops 30% once the temperature reaches thirty degrees. If your self-propelled vehicle operates in extreme temperatures, use electric battery designed for those conditions.

Proper temparature 2

(Proper temperature)


1. Don’t – Swap Batteries Mid-Shift.

As delineate on top of, the perfect time to charge your self-propelled vehicle battery is at 20-30%. Charging electric battery with 50-60% left in its charge is like discard a sandwich half-eaten. You’ve already “spent” a charging cycle, thus use the full issue.

2. Don’t – Charge electric battery throughout Lunch Breaks.

Opportunity charging or fast charging shortens a battery’s period think about it like this: electric battery is “born” with more or less 500 charges in it. There a lot of usually it gets charged, the faster it gets wiped out.

– Charge once each day and therefore the battery ought to last 5 years.

– Charge doubly each day and you’ll cut that period in 0.5.

To get the foremost out of your self-propelled vehicle battery: continually charge your self-propelled vehicle battery fully, and ne’er interrupt a charging cycle.


Keeping your forklift battery in good condition is a vital component for a company. Whether you’re changing your fleet or replacement electric battery that’s at the top of its life cycle, there are many factors to contemplate before you attempt to this important purchase. Knowing the specifications needed for your current fleet is very important before you start looking out. It’s conjointly necessary to grasp the advantages of every variety of battery thus you’ll select that forklift battery is best to satisfy your semi-permanent goals.

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