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When it comes to the battery and electrical system of a car, knowledge is power. In fact, this is the soul of your riding. The last thing you want to do is run out of batteries and run aground. The more you know about the battery and electrical system, the less likely it is to get stuck and that’s why we need know more about how car battery function.

The average car battery can be used for 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme environments will shorten the life of the battery. A quick diagnostic check to estimate the temperature at which your battery may fail. It can also let you know the remaining battery life. A small test will tell you whether the battery can be used normally.

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How exactly does car battery function?

The car battery provides the necessary electrical energy to power all electrical components in the vehicle. Talk about a considerable responsibility. Without battery power, you may have noticed that your car will not start.

Let’s take a look at how this powerful little box works:

The chemical reaction makes your car work: your battery converts chemical energy into the electrical energy needed to power the car, thereby providing voltage to the starter.

Keep the current stable: Your battery can not only provide the energy needed to start the car, but also stabilize the voltage (this is the term for energy supply) to keep the engine running. Many rely on batteries. Call it the “can little box”.

The car battery may be small, but the energy it provides is large.

Are there any warning signs that may indicate a problem with my battery?

There are many signs and symptoms that your battery may need to be replaced:

• Slow engine crankshaft: When you try to start the vehicle, the engine crankshaft rotates slowly, and the starting time is longer than usual. You might better describe it as “rur rur rur” startup noise.

• Check engine light: When the battery power is low, the check engine light sometimes appears. Strange system indicator lights-such as check engine and low coolant indicator lights-may mean that there is a problem with your battery. (This may also mean you need more coolant).

• Low battery level: The car battery casing is usually translucent, so you can always pay attention to the battery level. If the red and black covers are not sealed, you can also check them by removing them (most modern car batteries now permanently seal these parts).

• Bottom line: If the electrolyt level is lower than the inner lead plate (energy conductor), you need to test the battery and charging system. When the electrolyt level drops, it is usually caused by overcharging (heating).

• Swollen, swollen battery box: If your battery box looks like a big meal, it may indicate that the battery is broken. You can blame the battery case for overheating, which shortens battery life.

• Eww, smell of rotten eggs: You may notice a pungent smell of rotten eggs (sulphur smell) around the battery. Reason: The battery is leaking. Leakage can also cause corrosion around the terminals (where the + and – cable connections are located). It may be necessary to remove this garbage, otherwise your car may not start.

A battery life of more than 3 years is considered an old timer: your battery can last for more than three years, but at least check its current condition every year when it reaches the three-year mark. The battery life cycle varies from three to five years, depending on the battery. However, driving habits, weather, and frequent short trips (less than 20 minutes) can greatly shorten the actual life of a car battery.

1-replace a battery

How can I determine if my battery is too old to function?

On the one hand, you can check the date code on the battery compartment cover. This code tells you when the battery was produced by the factory. Or you can directly ask the seller for the production date. On average, car batteries can last for three to five years. Note that you also need to pay attention to signs of low battery power, such as slow engine cranks with low fluid levels. If your battery box swells or swells, the battery smells like rotten eggs, or your check engine light appears, the problem may be beyond the curve. If more than three years, consider it’s time for close monitoring.

Will a bad battery damage the charging system or starter?

You bet. If your ankle is weak, you tend to overcompensate and put more weight and pressure on a healthy ankle. It is the same concept of low battery. When your battery is low, your car will eventually put extra stress on healthy parts. The charging system, starting motor or starting solenoid valve may be affected.

These components may fail because they consume too much voltage to compensate for the lack of battery power. If this problem is not resolved which will affect car battery function, you may replace expensive electronic components, which is usually without warning.

2-charging battery

How do you know that your alternator does not provide enough power for your battery to function?

Let’s start with the obvious symptoms:

• Possess an electrical system. Strange flashing lights or warning lights, such as “Check Engine” flashing, disappear, and then reappear. When a car battery is almost exhausted and it is difficult to provide power, all of these failures usually start to occur. If the alternator fails, your battery will no longer be charged and the distance will be completely discharged.

• Slow crank. You are starting your car, it keeps turning, and then finally starts – or it doesn’t start. This may mean that your alternator is not charging the battery properly. If you also start to experience the electrical system you own, please go to the nearest service facility. Your car may be dead from the battery and alternator.


When the battery is not charged (due to a malfunction of the alternator), all of the above will happen. Your battery will continue to run out. When it is completely drained… Well, we all know what will happen next: a curbed car. This is the most important thing you need to know about how car battery function.

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