Does idling in place fully charge the car battery?


Has your car battery ever gone dead? If you don’t use a car often, chances are you’ve encountered this situation before. Many of us have moved to certain parts of the city, where we rarely need a car. Well, the problem is that we rarely use this car, and how long will the battery run out. One month is a long time. Your car can be parked for a month before the battery is dead. The battery of a car with more electricity is likely to be depleted within two weeks, just like BMW or Mercedes-Benz, the parts of the car need electricity to survive. That being said, you are likely to face a situation where you keep the car idling and let the battery charge.


Is your car battery being charged while idling?

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The answer is “yes”. The car battery is charged when the engine is idling. Similarly, assume that the battery can still be charged. Again, I encourage you to watch the video above, this answer will be more meaningful.

It is possible that your car battery will run idling while charging. Because the generator is in the battery itself. The alternator will provide electricity to the car’s battery. On the other hand, the alternator is driven by the car’s engine. As long as the engine is still on, the alternator will continue to charge the battery.

The relationship between the two is a kind of inter-existence. But it is safe to keep some hints in your mind. The alternator will rotate at idle speed, but will not produce maximum current. Therefore, if you try to extract a lot of power from the battery when the car is idling, the input power will be insufficient in regard to the charge which is being drained out from the battery. This may cause the malfunction of important parts such as the car’s computer or ignition. From this, we can draw the conclusion that the battery is charged slowly at idling speed, therefore, it is a wise decision not to place high power consumption during charging is idling.

How long should I idle my car to charge the battery?

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So this is an interesting question raised in my research. During the time when the coronavirus is raging, many of us have much longer transportation than ever before. Even if your area is “opening up,” you may not drive as often as you used to. So, leaving your engine idling to charge the battery is a good idea, or it’s worth the effort.

You have to leave your car idling for several hours to fully charge it. There are many electrical systems in your car competing for a little bit of electricity from the alternator. The energy left to charge the battery is very small.

How long does it take a car battery to charge while driving?

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So you decide to drive to change the environment. Or your car starts after sitting for too long. You may be wondering, how long does it take for your car battery to charge when you drive around? The general consensus is that you must drive the car for at least 30 minutes to charge it.

This is not to say that driving for 30 minutes will completely recharge your battery.  There are several factors to consider.  1) How much is your car battery exhausted? And 2)The overall life and condition of the car battery.

If your car battery has been idle for a while, it may not be fully charged after 30 minutes of driving. But not everything is lost, driving it around will charge it to prevent the car battery from completely running out.


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Please do not place high power consumption during charging is idling. The car electrical system is a complicated thing. Hope you now know when to charge the car battery and how to charge it. The battery is just one component in a complex circuit. The car alternator is the real power plant in the car. Now if the situation is not good, we will discuss a completely different story later. Watch your battery, open your battery a little and know how old it is. Stay safe and Safe Travels.

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