How to maintain your car battery for cold weather?


When you flip the key to start out your automotive, everything depends on the battery hidden somewhere in your car’s engine compartment. Automotive batteries sometimes do not have to figure terribly laborious in heat weather, however once wintry conditions arrives, the cold will stress your battery and increase the possibility of it failing. Temperature condition looks to bring various problems from state change pipes, high electrical bills, to dying vehicle batteries, so it is of importance to know how to maintain your car battery for cold weather. Whereas none of those things area unit convenient, keeping your automotive running will be a simple fix!

Start the car

(Start the car)

During atmospheric condition (under 32℃), a lead battery loses up to thirty third of its charge. The fluid within the cell battery becomes gel like inflicting the molecular action within the battery cut down drastically. If your vehicle battery isn’t providing its counseled Cold Cranking Amps throughout heat temps, you’ll have serious issues in atmospheric condition and wish a replacement battery. This passage can tell you ways your automobile battery is tormented by the atmospheric condition and what you ought to listen to?

What Will Drain Your Car Battery in Winter?

Drain 1: Human Error

Unfortunately, the most possible factor of draining your car battery for cold weather is you. In winter, it will be tempting to rush within and comfy up before of the fireside. However before you are doing, confirm you’ve altogether high-powered down your vehicle and every one of its accessories to avoid a dead battery. Make sure your interior lights and headlights area unit off. Some cars’ headlights put off mechanically once an exact quantity of your time however insure yours anyway. Also, check to form positive your automotive doors area unit fully shut. If a door is left unfastened, your interior lights will continue and drain the automobile battery.

Unplug all accessories. We have a tendency to suggest unplugging everything that attracts power, together with your cellular phone charger, for some reasons. In some vehicles, the USB ports and cigarette lighter socket receive power even once the automotive is turned off. Also, after you flip the key, your automobile battery provides a zap of electricity to start out the engine. Once different physics area unit obstructed in after you begin the automotive, they will steal a number of that energy. Don’t shortchange your automobile battery in cold weather provides it all the facility it must get you going. Turn physics off once the engine’s off. Your battery is intended to power some physics whereas the engine is off, however just for a restricted time. Avoid running your radio, GPS, or different physics for over twenty minutes once the engine is off to assist the battery maintain its charge.

1-GPS in the car

(GPS in the car)

Drain 2: Corrosion or Loose Cable Connections

There are two points of contact on prime of your battery—one positive, one negative. These are referred to as terminals, and that they stick out like posts on prime of the battery. Your automotive has cables that connect with these posts. Gauntleted hand removing automobile battery terminal to wash the battery Corrosion round the terminals or loose cable connections will interfere with the battery charge and create it tougher for the battery to start out your engine. A fast terminal improvement and cable check will facilitate alter contact.

Clean your battery terminals and examine your battery. If you notice a white, powdery substance round the terminals that appears like dead skin on dry hands, you’ve got a case of corrosion. Use a dry rag to wipe off dirt, grime, and corrosion from round the battery terminals. You’ll be able to even scrub them with some bicarbonate, water, and a toothbrush. Reader’s Digest additionally recommends adding petrolatum to forestall future corrosion.

Tighten loose battery cable connections. The cables that connect your battery to your automotive will naturally loosen over time. Consult your owner’s manual and if you are snug doing therefore, use a wrench to tighten the connections. If not, stop by your nearest Firestone Complete motorcar look after facilitate.

Drain 3: Give It a Change

Cold weather slows everything down, particularly the chemical action happening within your automobile battery. In fact, at 32°F, a car’s battery loses concerning thirty fifth of its strength. And at 0°F, it loses up to 60% of its strength—but your engine needs nearly double the maximum amount power to start! Have you ever tried intake syrup through a straw? That’s quite however your automobile battery feels in winter weather. Luckily, you’ll be able to facilitate keep your automobile battery charged within the cold by taking the subsequent precautions:

Install electric battery blanket. You’ll be able to purchase one for around $20 on-line or at a neighborhood motorcar components store. Merely plug the blanket in, wrap it around your battery, and luxuriate in a swish begin tomorrow morning. Simply confirm you follow the directions that accompany the battery blanket!

Park your automotive within the garage or far away from the wind. Leave your automotive during a garage nightlong to assist defend the battery. If you don’t have a garage, park the front of the automotive downwind.

Give it a charge. A completely charged battery won’t freeze till -76°F, whereas a completely discharged battery might begin state change around 32°F. Is your battery absolutely charged for winter? Let one among our techs check!

2-Charge the car battery

(Charge car battery)

How to maintain your car battery for cold weather?

1. Get your battery checked.

2. Keep driving for ten minutes or longer.

3. Park your automotive during a garage, if potential.

4. Wrap your automobile battery during a thermal blanket.

5. Trouble your automobile battery with over a trickle charger.


If your car battery for cold weather is close to death, it’s far better to seek out on your own schedule than once you are busy with the stress of lifestyle. Whereas the following pointers will facilitate extend your battery’s charge through the modification in seasons, there’s nothing higher than beginning the winter with a healthy battery. 

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