Why Car Batteries Die?


Car is everywhere and almost every family has one car or more, but do you know how to start your car engine? Yes, Bingo! Your car battery helps start your car’s engine and to power all electrical components systems when you drive happily down the road. Usually a dead battery makes us unaware unprepared without any warning when your car won’t be started because of a dead battery. While you cannot keep your battery back losing its charge naturally, there are ways to get more time out of your battery. Don’t be trouble with a dead battery! Follow me and I will let you know how to identify signs of a bad battery, what causes a battery to die and how to prevent car battery dies.

Signs of A Bad Car Battery

Your car will not tell you directly that the battery’s charge is of low capacity. There are some signs that telling you the battery is not in a good condition. The most familiar signs of a dying battery cover that low crank, clicking sound when starting cars, dim headlights, corrosion on and around the battery posts, check engine or battery light on dashboard illuminated, bulged battery case, difficult in using electrical components and wet areas on or around the battery.

What Causes A Car Battery to Die?

What Causes A Car Battery to Die

Cold Weather

The number one reason causes car batteries die is cold weather. Weather does not have to be specifically extreme to make a car’s battery to weaken. Even at a mild degree of 32℃, a battery is 35% weaker. However, at 0℃, it declines sharply to 60 percent weaker. When a battery is getting weak even your car head lights become a challenge, forget about starting your cars. The most people connect dead car batteries with winter, and that’s because it’s when most batteries that were in marginal condition give up and die.

This one can be difficult to fix. It is obvious that the weather isn’t changed, and not everyone goes to a parking garage or carport easily. The only thing you can do is realizing your battery is dying more likely during winter and needs to be replaced.

Keep an eye out for signs that your battery can be losing steam. If you are conscious of your car headlights dimming while your car driving slowly or hear a peculiar clicking sound when you start your cars, which is obvious symptom that your battery is on its last legs. In order to confirm that it’s getting close to its end, you can either test the battery yourself or go to a nearby auto repairing shop where they’ll be able to test your battery. A lot of states also require it as part of the inspection process. It is a good time to notice your battery’s expected life. Although you are not able to change the weather, you have the ability to prepare for the worst.


Battery electrolyte is corrosive, which might sound obvious, but one of the other reasons why car batteries repeatedly die is due to corrosion at the connections. Check under your hood. The battery terminals contact on the top of the battery, one is positive pole, the other negative pole. These are the points used for jumping your car, and they’re also able to be charged by your alternators. If your connection is failed, your alternator may not be doing an enough job of recharging your battery.

If you see blue or green growths hanging off your battery terminals, it is a certain sign that your battery has been mildly damaged by corrosion. Corrosion can look like a thin white powdery substance, too, almost as if your battery has a bad situation of dandruff. Although this is a perfectly natural and expected process, it isn’t helpful for your battery and by improving the connection you can make your car’s ability to charge your battery better.

If there is slight corrosion, the dirt and grime can be wiped away by a dry rag, then your connections will be shiny and clean, and also your battery will have an easier time charging.

Long Time No Use

When your car is not in use, your battery is not charging. Your battery stores its power or charge and tops itself up when it being driven, but will naturally has self-discharge if left unused for any long period of time.

To help you stay mobile, battery charger and conditioners can be fitted to your car to supervise your battery’s performance and be helpful for staying you away from being caught out by a ‘flat’ or ‘dead’ battery. They have reconditioning program that has the ability to make deeply discharged batteries come back to life.


There are several reasons why car batteries die. If you click on your car battery finder section, you can choose the right battery, to suit your specific car make, electrical demands and model. No matter which battery you have, confirm that you use the right charger. Only you do the right steps of choosing battery, storing battery and using battery, so that you can have a good experience if using battery well.

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