How to Use Lead Acid Battery


lAvoid contact directly between batteries and metal containers. Acid and flame resistant materials should be adopted, otherwise smoke or combustion will be caused.

lUse the specified charger to charge under the specified conditions, nevertheless, the battery may overheat, bleed, leak, burn or break.

lDo not install the battery in the sealed equipment, which may break the equipment.

lWhen the battery is used in medical equipment, please install the backup power outside the main power, otherwise the failure of the main power will cause injury.

lKeep the battery away from the device that can generate a spark that may cause the battery to smoke or break.

lDo not put the battery near a heat source. It will cause overheating, leakage, combustion or rupture of the battery.

lWhen there are more than one battery in application, please make sure that there are correct connections between the batteries and the charger or the load, otherwise the batteries will burst, burn or damage, and in some cases, injure people.

lThe specified use range of the battery is as follows. Exceeding this range may cause battery damage:

A. Normal operating range of the battery is: 77.F(25℃)

B. 5.F to 122.f (-15℃ to 50℃)

C. After charging: 32.F to 104.F (0℃ to 40℃)

D. In storage: 5.F to 104.F (-15℃ to 40℃)

lDo not place batteries mounted on a locomotive at high temperatures, in direct sunlight, in front of a stove or fire, or they may leak, catch fire or burst.

lDo not use the battery in a dusty place, as it may cause a short circuit, and when using batteries in dusty environment, check the batteries regularly.

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