How to Maintain Lead-acid Battery?


he most important component of the generator set is the lead acid battery. Only stable performance of the battery can guarantee the good performance of the whole generator set, so how to guarantee the stable performance of the lead battery? This requires good battery maintenance work as followed:

First of all, the lead acid battery should be connected correctly to prevent short circuit.

The lead battery should be placed close to the generator set so that the connection line is not too long and the battery should be kept in a place where it is easy to maintain. When the battery is connected to the generator, first connect the positive pole and then connect the negative pole. When the load or shutdown occurs, disconnect the connection in time to prevent short circuit of the positive and negative pole of the battery.

Secondly, do a good job in the daily battery inspection.

Check the battery regularly, including the voltage, density, temperature and height of electrolyte, and corrosion, noting whether the battery link is linked according to the specification, doing regular discharge tests and so on. These are routine tasks that need to be done.

Finally, extra attention should be paid to battery charging

Battery charging is the basic work. It should be charged in a well-ventilated environment without rain, snow, sparks or open flames. Charging the best use of the original charger charging; When charging, the wires should be properly connected; Use a reasonable current for charging; When the battery is charged, when the temperature is higher than 45℃, the charging work should be stopped and heat dissipation should be done.

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