HT12-4.5 AGM VRLA Battery Small GFM
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Valtage: 6V, 12V
Capacity: 1.3Ah to 28Ah

Designed floating service life:15 ~ 20 years designed life at 20oC / 68oF

Model: HT12-4.5
Capacity: 4.5Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 90×70×101×107 mm

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HT12-4.5 AGM VRLA Battery

General Features:
● Non-spillable
● Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
● High quality AGM separator
● Special formula of active material
● Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
● Good performance at high-rate discharging
● Wide suitability of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
● Oxygen recombination efficiency rate: >=98%


How to charge a marine deep cycle battery?
We advise using Ionic single chargers and Ionic bank chargers for lithium deep cycle batteries. LiFePO4 marine batteries are charged using these chargers. It’s smart charging. They continue to charge at a constant rate until the batteries are fully charged, at which point they stop.

How often should an AGM battery be charged?
Absorbed Glass Matt is sealed for a purpose every six months; they don’t contain liquid acid and you can’t add any due to how they are made. Any kind of lead acid that is being held MUST be kept charged, whether it be trickle charged overtime or charged once every six months at most.

How do you maintain an AGM battery?
If you plan to store your battery for more than four months, make sure it is dry, cold, and well ventilated. When the sulfuric acid in lead-acid batteries interacts to generate lead sulfate on the battery’s negative plates, sulfation takes place.

Do AGM batteries get sulfated?
This includes the brand-new “dry” sealed AGM-spiral-wound versions under the Optima, Odyssey, Exide, and Interstate names. Every time a battery is used, sulfation forms in them (discharged – recharged). They will quickly produce sulfate if overcharged, undercharged, or left discharged—some after even only a few days.

Can I replace my AGM car battery with a regular battery?
If so, you should consider upgrading to an AGM battery to take advantage of its more robust, maintenance-free construction. You have the option of switching back to a standard battery or replacing the dead AGM battery with another one.

Will an alternator charge an AGM battery?
Charging Through the Alternator in Your Car
In general, lead acid and AGM batteries operate fairly well with vehicle or van alternators.

Do lead or AGM batteries last longer?
AGM batteries often have a longer lifespan than conventional lead acid batteries. AGM batteries live longer than flooded batteries while not in use because of their low self-discharge rates. AGM batteries can last up to 7 years with proper maintenance, but flooded batteries normally last 3-5 years.

Can I replace an automotive EFB battery with an AGM?
You have two alternatives when dealing with an EFB battery: You may either install an AGM or replace it with another EFB. The latter can improve the automatic Start-Stop system’s effectiveness and lead to more fuel being used efficiently.

Can you jumpstart an AGM battery?
No, the jump starter functions as an extension of the vehicle’s battery when used for jump starting.


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