Battery charging tips

 The standard charging method can effectively extend the motive battery life. Read the battery charging tips below to better maintain the service life of the motive battery.

Battery charging tips in high temperature weather

Battery charging current & time

Charging current(for manual charges)

The recommended safe charging current is 10% of the battery’s 20 hour (Ah) rating.  For example if you want to charge a 100Ah battery, the recommended charger current for this battery would be 10 Amps. Slow charging is the best way to recharge a lead acid battery. Rapid charging of lead-acid batteries by increasing the recommended amperage may cause excessive pressure and shorten battery life.

1. Due to efficiency aspects, the charge amount must be more than the discharged amount. This coefficient factor can be between 110% to 150%.

2. The deeper the discharge, the higher the coefficient factor.

Note: Charging must be paused when the temperature rises above 50°C

Battery charging Time

If you want to use the battery for a long time, you must pay attention to these details when using it. Solving the problem from the root cause can make your battery last longer.

It will take about 60% of the total charging time to charge a lead acid battery to 80%, and the remaining 40% of the time to put the last 20% of charge back into the battery.

The recharging duration is difficult to determine due to variables such as:

1. Depth of discharge

2. Temperature

3. Size and efficiency of the charger

4. Age and condition of the battery

5. For guidance, refer to the table of constant current charging methods

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid fast charging as this will only charge the surface of the panel and may increase the chance of overheating, resulting in permanent battery damage.

Tips to maintain the motive battery for long life

Motive batteries are consumables. If they are not maintained during use, the batteries will become not durable a bit longer. So in order to prolong the service life of the batteries, there are some tips for you:

1. Choose a high-quality and matching charger.

When charging an motive battery, you must choose a high-quality and suitable charger for charging, which will not only avoid battery charging problems, but also extend the battery life to a certain extent.

2. Before changing the charger, confirm whether the charger is compatible with the vehicle.

When replacing the battery charger, be sure to use a qualified charger to charge the battery to avoid unnecessary damage to the battery. Try to use the original charger.

3. The battery is charged in an open and ventilated place.

Because the charger generates a certain amount of heat when the battery is charging, it is necessary to place the battery in an open and ventilated place for charging. Never cover foreign objects while the battery is charging, otherwise it will damage the battery and charger, or even cause fire and other accidents.

4. When charging the battery, pay attention to whether the indicator light is working properly.

Usually when using the charger to charge the battery, you must pay attention to check whether the indicator light of the charger is normally on, which means that the charger is working normally. If the indicator light of the charger does not display, you need to unplug the charger and replace it immediately. The charger, to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the short circuit of the charger.

5. Avoid frequent sudden braking and hard braking.

During normal using, frequent sudden and hard braking should be avoided. A long time will damage the controller components and affect riding safety.

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