Preventive measures of Lead-acid battery leakage in data room


With the rapid development of information and computer network in recent years, the smooth operation of data center cannot be separated from the guarantee of UPS system. At present, in the construction of data centers in China, the UPS system mostly uses valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries(VRLA) as backup emergency power. Among the factors affecting UPS stability and reliability, battery leakage is the most serious potential danger.

Preventive measures for leakage of high power lead-acid batteries

In general, data center users to prevent battery leakage caused by short circuit hazards, mainly take the following measures.

lInsulation pad

Data centers to install the insulation pad is the most simple and effective to prevent a method of high power lead-acid battery short circuit, its general placed in the middle of the bearing beam of the battery and battery support, through the way to increase the insulation pad at the bottom of the battery, the battery leakage of the electrolyte fluid accumulation in the insulating mat to prevent battery leakage flow of corrosive liquid and the battery at the bottom of the conduction cause electrical short circuit between metal frame, installation diagram as the picture:

lInsulation sheath

Each layer of the battery anti-seismic steel frame is lined with plastic insulation jacket to cover all the metal bearing beam in contact with the battery shell, as shown in picture:

Its function is to separate the battery from the metal battery frame to prevent the leakage of corrosive liquid from conducting the battery and the battery, resulting in electrical short circuit. The insulation sheath is generally designed to be u-shaped and stuck to the battery load-bearing beam. And it doesn’t affect the ventilation and heat dissipation of the upper and lower layers of the battery.

lLeak-proof tray

In order to avoid the corrosive liquid leaking from the battery affecting other racks or batteries, a tray is designed at the bottom of the battery to hold the entire battery completely. The length and width of the tray are slightly larger than the length and width of the battery. The acid leaking from the battery can flow into the leak-proof liquid tray with the battery tank. Pallet thickness design should have certain strength to support the weight of the battery. Installation diagram of leak-proof tray is shown in picture:

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