How to Extend the Life of Lead-acid Battery


lAvoid over-discharged and over-charged

Firstly, prevent over-discharged. That is, when the battery is in use, does not discharge to the battery completely. For example, it is possible for the vehicles that make it full charged before running. What’s more, avoiding battery storing until lack of electricity and usually ensure timely compensation. In addition, if the battery is not used for a long time, the battery will lose power due to self-discharge. Therefore, the battery should be replenished every 3 months or so.

Secondly, prevent overcharging. In order to prevent overcharging, a reasonable charging time is set according to the difference between the circulating and floating charging life of the battery. If you can ensure that the constant recharge, you can extend the life of the battery.

lDischarge slowly

The battery discharge speed has a great influence on the battery life. In the process of using, the discharge speed can be slowed down as much as possible, which will greatly prolong the battery life.

lPrevent high temperature

Don’t place them in an environment above 40 degrees when using and storing batteries. In summer, runs long distance with electric car, had better be able to give battery rest time midway. If the temperature is high and the sun is big, should not put the electric car in the direct sunlight place.


The anode and cathode wiring screw of the battery is easy to corrode and rust when there is water on the battery surface.

lPrevent high temperature

With electrolyte in the battery, at the time of charging, the battery will electrolytic hydrogen and oxygen, internal pressure will increase, when electric cars run will splash the electrolyte battery liquid into the hole, under the pressure of the pressure, the electrolyte will more or less out of battery, be sure to regularly to clean up of electrolyte on the surface of the battery, prevent the outflow of the electrolyte.

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